• Dab1001

    At E3 yesterday, a new DLC expansion for Halo Wars 2 was unvieled, titled Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare. This expansion, which is not included in the season pass, will include a new campaign featuring the return of the Flood, two new Banished leaders (likely the two Brutes depicted in the image below), two new multiplayer maps and finally Terminus Firefight, a cooperative mode where players must band together to defeat hordes of enemies for as long as possible. Awakening the Nightmare will release in Autumn, 2017, and will cost $19.99 USD.

    Awakening the Nightmares campaign expansion will have players taking control of the Banished, as they encounter the ancient Flood threat. It will include two Blur cutscenes to bookend the experience. Outs…

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  • Dab1001

    In the latest Halo Waypoint blog post, a new Halo novel was announced. The book, titled Halo: Bad Blood, is not set to release until next year, 2018. Almost no details have been revealed on Halo: Bad Blood as of yet, besides the fact that it will be penned by Matt Forbeck, author of Halo: New Blood.

    One likely possibility is that it will focus on Michael 'Mickey' Crespo, the ODST from Halo 3: ODST, who defected from the UNSC during the events of New Blood - hence the title 'Bad Blood'. However, this is mere speculation and we will have to wait for more details before making any assumptions.

    We'll just have to wait and see what Forbeck has in store for us next year.

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  • Dab1001

    s Latest DLC Leader, Sgt Johnson, Has Released}}

    Fan-favourite character Sergeant Avery Johnson has made his way into Halo Wars 2 in its latest piece of DLC, which was released yesterday. He brings with him a variety of mechs new to the game, some of which have never been seen before.

    The beloved Sergeant's focus as a leader are mechanized units, and so with him, several mechs have been added. In place of the Warthogs, Johnson fields Mantises. Also replaced in Johnson's arsenal is the Scorpion. What could be better than "66 tonnes of straight-up, HE-spewin' dee-vine intervention", you ask? The Collossus, a huge mech with the ability to stomp on and stun enemies. Johnson himself can take to the battlefield in his Green Machine hero unit, a very…

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  • Dab1001

    In the latest Halo Community Update, a new comic series titled Halo: Rise of Atriox was announced. The first issue of the 5-part miniseries is expected to release on August 2, 2017, with each of the consecutive issues releasing at some point after that.

    As its name suggests, Halo: Rise of Atriox shows the rise to power of Atriox, the Jiralhanae warlord who leads the Banished and serves as the main antagonist of Halo Wars 2. Issue one opens with him leading his Jiralhanae (Brute) brethren in an assault against a UNSC outpost. As the series progresses, readers will watch Atriox become the leader of the Banished, from his humble beginnings as one of many thrall in the Covenants ranks.

    Halo: Rise of Atriox will be going more in-depth into Halo lore pre…

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  • Dab1001

    Halo: Combat Evolved, the video game which kicked off the Halo franchise and helped launch the Xbox, was recently added into the World Video Game Hall of Fame as one of the four inductees for 2017. This is an amazing achievement for the franchise, as only 15 other games have ever had the honour of added to this list since its inception in 2015. Halo: CE now sits in the hall of fame, amongst other gaming icons such as Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Doom, Legend of Zelda and Pong.

    Games are nominated for places in the World Video Game Hall of Fame based on four criteria:

    • Icon status - how recognisble and memorable the game is.
    • Longevity - how long the game remained popular.
    • Geographical reach - whether the …

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  • Dab1001

    The newest DLC for Halo Wars 2, a leader named Colony, has arrived. Though Colony was expected to release earlier this week on Monday the 24th, the DLC was delayed until today for the purpose of quality assurance.

    Colony is the name chosen by a bond brother pair of Mgalekgolo gestalts (or Hunters, for those of you not fluent in Halos lore), and as such, its main focus are units and leader powers based around Lekgolo (the worms that make up Hunters). Hence, Colony brings with it several new additions to the Halo Wars 2 sandbox, such as: Goliaths (Giant Hunters who ditch their assault cannons in favour of a more up-close and personal approach), Skitterers (Small turret-like machines controlled by lekgolo worms, which can attach as bodyguards to …

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  • Dab1001

    Earlier today, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition released on Xbox One, Windows and Steam as a standalone game available for individual purchase. Previously, the title was only available to those who had bought the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition bundle on Xbox One or Windows, but it can now be purchased seperately for $19.99 (£15.99), and is also now newly available on Steam.

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is an enhanced port of 2009's Halo Wars, which features all the DLC from the original game; improved graphics and audio; additional achievements and finally, support for ultra high definition (UHD) resolutions and refresh rates above 30Hz. The port was made by Behaviour Interactive and published by 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios, while the origin…

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  • Haloprov

    Welcome all to the exiting news released over at E3 2014. We got Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5: Guardians beta, and the Arbiter! This blog is going to be a big recap of the events for today. So lets get to it!

    Also, if you want to read the announcement blog, go here:
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Confirmed, releasing 12/11/14 (British date format :P)

    • Includes Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4!
    • 93 competitive MP maps, 50 Spartan Ops missions from Halo 4, and 45 campaign missions!
      • Blood Gulch!?
    • 1080p at 60fps!
    • Old and new terminals!
    • Halo 2s multiplayer engine!
    • Halo 5: Guardians BETA!
    • Feature's Halo: Nightfall!
    • Forge in Halo 2, 3, and 4!

    We get both another trailer and a Multiplayer trailer. The trailer mai…

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  • Haloprov

    Once again, hello everyone and we have some exiting news! As I wrote in my last blog about what the next books should be, we got news from Waypoint that Gallery Books and 343 Industries are pairing up to make another cannon-bases book. Enjoy!

    NEW YORK, February 4, 2014—Gallery Books and 343 Industries are pleased to announce a multi-year co-publishing program based on the award-winning and phenomenally popular video game franchise Halo. Already a massive New York Times bestselling series, all-new canonical tales in the Halo expanded universe will be published across the Gallery Books, Pocket Books, and Pocket Star imprints in a variety of print and digital formats. 

    Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director of 343 Industries said, “We’v…

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  • Wilc0

    How should John's story end

    January 27, 2014 by Wilc0

    How should John's story end?
    Again, the information in this article was done completely by memory so it may not be completely accurate.

    John has been through a lot, with his first mission on the asteroid belt in the Eridanus system and ending so far with the battle against the Didact. Summing up all the battles he has been in shows that he has been to war countless of times and always coming out on top, sometimes at the cost of a loved one. His most famous battles were of course against the Covenant, as depicted during the Halo trilogy, a number of books and the movies Halo: Legends and Halo 4: FUD.

    My personal favourite battle of him was during Operation: FIRST STRIKE, where he really shows how good of a leader he is and how quick he thinks …

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