• Draksus100

    Halo 4 - The Countdown

    February 23, 2012 by Draksus100

    It's been a tough year for most Halo fans.

    We've had to say goodbye to our much loved Bungie; a tear-jerking experience for most of the people that have been with the Halo brand since it's start back in 2001. It's the end of an era...

    But! Not every era is a 'precursor' to failure. And after monitoring the situation for up to nine months now, I hear people saying 'The Halo franchise will fail without Bungie' or something along similar lines. It makes me sad to see it, partly because those comments are from misinformed or uninformed fans of the series who jumped ship to COD after the Halo saga 'ended' in 2007. The main reason I'm optimistic for the future? Because 343 Industries have been working away in the background for a year or so; admit…

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  • Kougermasters

    Halo Map Pictures

    April 23, 2010 by Kougermasters

    I was trying to convince my friend to purchase Halo 3: ODST in order to play Halo 3: Mythic and get all the map packs, rather than buying the Left 4 Dead Campaign expansion that will be released sometime in the near future (or has already been released, I don't really keep track).

    I tried to convince him by showing him the Halopedia articles of the Legendary Map Pack, and the Mythic Map Packs Part 1 and 2 (mostly because I want to show him all of my awesome Sandbox maps over Xbox LIVE!) I had hoped that the images on the articles would be enough to convince him, and if those were not enough, reading the article itself.

    Unfortunately, when I went to link the articles and send the links on MSN, I saw that the articles for the Legendary, and Mythic M…

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  • Kougermasters

    I just re-read the Cole Protocol recently, and I'm unsure whether the purple cloak was either custom clothing or the uniform for the so-called Supreme Commander.

    As most of you who have read the book know, 'Vadamee wore a purple Ship Master's cloak. Doubtless, as his ambition was to become a Fleet Master, and that he was drafted into the Fleet of Particular Justice at the end of the novel, and that he became the Supreme Commander, and later, the Arbiter, I'm wondering whether Supreme Commander is simply a over-glorified term or honorific for Fleet Master.

    In Halo 2, which is considered higher canon than the Halo Graphic novel (the artist of that particular story did take many liberties with canonical art, such as the appearance of the Supreme Co…

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  • Devout Atheist

    I remember back when Team SWAT and Team Snipers were Double EXP Weekend playlists. I'd get a couple of friends and we'd play for hours, just messing around and gaining EXP. Then SWAT became a fixed Hardcore playlist, and it did not show up anymore on the Double EXP Weekends. But I still had Team Snipers to look forward to, and it was common to come upon Team Snipers or Shotty Snipes in the Social Slayer gametype. But after that became a Hardcore playlist as well, it was removed from the Double EXP Weekend playlist and Social Slayer, making it only available on Hardcore. Now this disappointed me, not because Team Snipers was the main Double EXP Weekend I looked forward to, but now there was no way to actually practice. But this also brought…

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  • PoopskinTheLiar

    (note: a abriged version of this was posted on the talk page for the ark's article)

    Ok, it may have been possible that there were forerunners on the ark, for a number of reasons:

    • The ark is out of the range of the array. this one should be obvious, even if you are a crack-addled retarded lobotimized braindead typical immature XBL idiot.
    • Whatever happened to Didact? he (and presumably more others) was on the ark when it fired, and there is a chance that there were enough forerunners to set up a civilization on the ark that would last millenia (or however long between the firing and the rediscovery of the ark).
    • We only saw a small, most likely remote, part of the ark. the ark is larger then the typical halo. it is possible that there is civiliza…

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