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Advanced technology married to brutal simplicity. Advanced Shotgun with Forerunner mechanism to fire fast-moving hardlight projectiles with extra range and anti-vehicle effect. Reloads with a single shell.[2]

Blaze of Glory is a special variant of the M45D Tactical Shotgun.[2]



Blaze of Glory is available for use in Warzone. It can be acquired by REQ Packs and has a Rare level of rarity.[2]

Changes from the M45D Tactical ShotgunEdit

Main article: M45D Tactical Shotgun
  • Fires hardlight projectiles instead of regular M296 SC shells.
  • Shots are faster.
  • Longer range.
  • Anti-vehicle effect.
  • Significantly faster reload; only one shell is reloaded to top up the weapon instead of 5.


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