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Bill O' Brien was an animator that worked on Halo 3.[1] He was born in the year 1976.


Nickname: Bill O'Brien
Classification: OldSkool
Current Job: 3D Animator
Origin: Boston, Mass
Blood Type: Classified
Age: 384 months
Weight: Classified
Height: Classified
Girth: Classified
First Job: 2D Animator

Hobby: Classified

Ultimate Halo Match: Classified

Ultimate Snack: Classified

Ultimate Website: Classified

Mode of Transport: Classified

Fake Weapon: Classified

Born in New England at the turn of the 70's, I spent most of my childhood drawing perverted pictures, after that, I drew some more. Pretty soon I went to art school and suddenly my perverted pictures had foreshortening and stronger composition. Next I majored in Animation and my perverted pictures began to move around. Then I got a job in the game industry which actually paid me to make my perverted pictures move around. The End


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