“I wanna hear what they're saying!”
— Berger

Specialist Berger was a member of the UNSC Army who participated in the Human-Covenant war.[1][2] He was last seen aboard the UNSC Kronstadt. Berger greatly admired the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, a large Special Operations organization of the Marine Corps.


Aboard the KronstadtEdit

During his stay aboard the UNSC Kronstadt, he tried to sit near a team of these operators in the ship's mess hall, attempting to eavesdrop on their conversation, before being pulled away by a fellow Marine. Being an admirer of the ODSTs, he also held an evident disregard for the SPARTAN-II Program, whom the ODSTs shared a bitter rivalry with.

After the same team arrived back from a mission on Heian, he sat by them and gave them some apples. He commented on how SPARTAN Cal-141's lack of combat skills down on the planet had led to her death and how she didn't have what it takes to "hang with the Helljumpers." While they previously despised the SPARTAN program, these Helljumpers were angered at the Marine's disrespect for Cal's death and naturally scolded Berger for what he said, throwing the apples at him, prompting him to wonder what he did just said to offend them.



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