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The UNSC Bellerophon was a UNSC frigate during the Insurrection and Human-Covenant war. It was captured by the Insurrectionists and renamed the Bellicose.

Operational HistoryEdit

In the first years of the 26th century the Bellicose was thrice engaged by the UNSC Gorgon commanded by the legendary Preston Cole, escaping twice and on the last occasion fighting to a draw. On January 2, 2504 the ship's crew faked their own deaths by falling into the gravity well of a gas giant during the Battle of Theta Ursae Majoris System, and escaped by executing the first-known in-atmosphere slipspace transition. The Bellicose would resurface years later, and, when under an independent flag, she was present for the battles of 18 Scorpii and Psi Serpentis during the Human-Covenant war.[1]




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