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The Battle of Vodin was a battle between the Covenant and the UNSC in the year 2532.[1] The battle lasted for about 2 days, Initially the Covenant infiltrated the colony with a stealth ship for reconnaissance to make way for the larger invasion.[citation needed]

The BattleEdit

While most details of the actual battle are unknown, it is known that the Covenant and the UNSC fought in orbit around the planet.[1]

During these exo-atmospheric engagements, SPARTAN-II Randall-037 fell from one of the planet's skyhooks and was thought dead.[1]


Vodin suffered severe damage but was still habitable, even though the colonists were trapped for 10 years on the planet without UNSC support.[1]

In reality, Randall-037 actually crash landed into the ocean and survived the battle. After the battle the surviving colonists revived him and eventually settled in and married one of the colonists.[1]


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