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“Estimate local position overrun in nine hours.”

The Battle of LP 656-38 e[2] was a naval as well as planetary battle that escalated into a planetary-only battle in the Forerunner-Flood war.

LP 656-38 e was assaulted and assailed by the Flood, and 9,045 Forerunner survivors on the planet barricaded themselves in the planet's centric and primary government edifice, which was deemed inadequate to withstand an extended siege by the enemy ground forces, numbering 1,572,034,315 and expanding with every kill. It was estimated that the government building would be overrun in less than a week's time with oppressing Flood forms. As many as 846 smaller groups took refuge in less defensible structures according to Probability Model Zeta. It was estimated that these structures would be overrun in an average of nine hours or less.


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