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These are all of the ships, units, and people who participated in the Battle of Installation 04.


Naval AssetsEdit

Class Name Status
Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn Destroyed

Military PersonnelEdit

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Navy Captain Jacob Keyes KIA
Lieutenant Commander Gail Purdy KIA
Lieutenant Dominique KIA
Hall KIA
Elias Haverson Survived
Aki Hikowa KIA
"Cookie" Peterson KIA
Rick Hale KIA
Frye KIA
Ensign William Michael Lovell KIA
Ellen Dowski Survived
Warrant Officer Shiela Polaski Survived
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 Survived
Chief Petty Officer Thom Shephard KIA
Petty Officer First Class Mary Murphy KIA
Petty Officer Third Class Xaing Cho KIA
Sam N. Marcus KIA
Pauley KIA
Crewman Abiad KIA
Singh KIA
Wang KIA
Flight Officer Captain Carol Rawley KIA
Flight Officer Mitchell KIA
Crew Chief Cullen KIA
UNSC Navy Major Antonio Silva KIA
First Lieutenant Melissa McKay KIA
Second Lieutenant Dalu KIA
Oros KIA
Master Sergeant Lister KIA
Gunnery Sergeant Marcus Stacker Survived
Waller KIA
Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson Survived
Marvin Mobuto KIA
Sergeant Tink Carter KIA
Corly KIA
Parker KIA
Corporal Locklear Survived
Lovik KIA
Wilkins KIA
Lance Corporal "Snaky" Jones KIA
Private First Class Chips Dubbo Survived
M. Fitzgerald KIA
Hosky KIA
Wallace Jenkins KIA
Suzuki KIA
Private Bisenti KIA
Kappus KIA
Manuel Mendoza KIA
Marie Postly KIA
Riley KIA
Satha KIA
Unknown Al-Thani KIA
Dawkins KIA
"Doc" Valdez KIA
Murphy KIA
Yutrzenika KIA





Type Name Status
D77-TC Pelican Echo 419 Destroyed
Victor 933 Destroyed
Bravo 022 Destroyed

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

Name Status
Cortana Survived
Wellsley KIA


Naval AssetsEdit

Fleet Class Name Status
Fleet of Particular Justice CAS-class assault carrier Seeker of Truth Survived
CCS-class battlecruiser Purity of Spirit Destroyed
Truth and Reconciliation Destroyed
Undiminished Entelechy Destroyed
DSC-class support ship Infinite Succor Destroyed
Type-25 Troop Carrier Brilliant Gift Destroyed
Type-52 Troop Carrier Glorious Advance Destroyed

Military Personnel Edit

Branch Rank Name Status
Covenant Navy Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadam Survived
Shipmaster Orna 'Fulsamee Unknown
Lat 'Ravamee KIA
Covenant Special Operations Special Operations Commander of the Covenant Rtas 'Vadum Survived
Special Operations Sub-Commander Bero 'Kusovai KIA
Special Operations Officer Zuka 'Zamamee KIA
Special Operations Unggoy Yayap KIA
Minor Linglin KIA
Unknown Igido Nosa Hurru KIA
Ogada Nosa Fasu KIA
Zealot Field Master Noga 'Putumee KIA
Unknown Minor Gagaw KIA


Branch Name Status
High Council Prophet of Stewardship KIA
Unknown Minister of Etiology KIA
Soha 'Rolamee KIA

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