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The Battle of Fumirole was an engagement fought between the UNSC and the Covenant on April 22, 2552 on Fumirole.[1]


During the Covenant invasion of Fumirole, a CCS-class Battlecruiser was holding position over a city. Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 of Noble Team came up with an operation to assault and destroy the ship with a Medium Fusion Destructive Device.[2] Supported by the rest of Noble Team, UNSC Army infantry and air support by UH-144 Falcons, she undertook the task of delivering the nuclear device into the ship herself. However, she was wounded by a Banshee's Fuel Rod Cannon blast while on her way to the cruiser.[3] The blast also severely damaged her right arm, which was later replaced by a robotic prosthetic.

Thom-A293 was the first to arrive to her position. Seeing as there would be no time to wait for backup, he picked up the nuke and used a jetpack to fly into the cruiser through its gravity lift. Just before the nuke's countdown ran out, Thom managed to toss it into a hangar bay where numerous Unggoy were massing for deployment. Mere seconds later, the MFDD went off, destroying the cruiser and killing Thom.[3]


While the outcome of the larger battle is unknown, Noble Team was successful in destroying its target. However, Catherine-B320 and Carter-A259 both carried extraordinary guilt over Thom-A293's death, blaming themselves for the incident, despite the SPARTAN's own decision of self-sacrifice. Thom would later be replaced by SPARTAN-B312.



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