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“The Battle of Charum Hakkor was the battle that stopped all human resistance. It was a notorious victory, a great battle, a shameful incident.”
Bornstellar reflecting on the Battle

The Battle of Charum Hakkor was the decisive battle of the Human-Forerunner war which crushed all further human resistance and led to the devolution of the Human Race.


The humans built their strongest military points closest to the Precursor ruins, and the most Precursor ruins were located on Charum Hakkor. Thus the humans established their military and economical capitol on Charum Hakkor. The San'Shyuum also built their military and economical points here, although when the battle occurred they had already surrendered.


The Battle of Charum Hakkor was the last battle of the Human-Forerunner war. First, the Forerunner fleet cut off the resupply armadas of the San'Shyuum, leaving the Human-San'Shyuum alliance with little provisions. However, despite the disadvantage, the Human-San'Shyuum alliance managed to beat back dozens of Forerunner assaults. However, finally it fell, and despite the fact the humans faced overwhelming force, they stubbornly fought and died. This was something that Ur-Didact admired.

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