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“Will I take Journey?”
— Bapap's final words

Bapap was a broad-shouldered Unggoy stationed on the Covenant cruiser, Rapid Conversion.


When the Deacon Dadab arrived, Bapap was one of the few Unggoy who listened to what he said, and became strongly religious as a result. He was part of Dadab's ministry group and was one of its most enthusiastic members.[1]

Bapap and Dadab soon became good friends. Bapap aided Dadab in his exploration of the Tiara on Harvest along with the Huragok Lighter Than Some. He fought alongside Dadab in an attempt to repel the humans, which cost him his life when they wounded him. He was then killed by Tartarus, with a Spiker. Even at the very end of his life, he believed strongly in The Great Journey, discussed his fate with Dadab and place on the Journey before his death at the hands of Tartarus. His death, along with that of Huragok Lighter Than Some, caused Dadab to attempt to kill Tartarus.

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