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BXR Mining is a mining corporation. After the war, they mine silicates from the surface of glassed planets.


Fall of ReachEdit

Main article: Fall of Reach

During the Covenant invasion of Reach, one of the corporation's mining facilities on the Szurdok Ridge at Ütközet was made into a stronghold by Covenant forces. It was later cleared of the Covenant by elements of Noble Team and the UNSC Army.[1]


BXR Mining had some form of presence on New Carthage as their trucks were present in the city of Pilvros.[2]

At some point after the colony of Bliss was glassed, BXR set up Site #1774 in the ruins of the former capitol.[3]


During the war, BXR mined titanium.[4]


BXR also has some part in helping to maintain reactors.[2] Most likely they move in the needed mined materials for the reactors and take away depleted ones.

They own and operate mines on almost every glassed human colony. The silicates and other materials they mine often contain the remains of glassed humans which BXR calls - "organically enriched".[3]



  • BXR is an easter egg. The abbreviation refers to the button combination in Halo 2 that ensures an instant kill.
    • One variation of the BXR logo is that of three colored squares, a blue square on the left, a yellow square on top, and a red square to the right, representing the X, Y, and B buttons, respectively, on a standard Xbox 360 control pad, another obvious reference to the button combination.
  • Some civilians in New Alexandria wear shirts that bear the BXR logo.
  • BXR Trucks are in the map Perdition in Halo 4.
  • There is an international private investment group known as BXR group in real life with headquarters in The Netherlands.




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