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This article is about the battle rifle in Halo 4. For other battle rifles, see battle rifle.

The BR85HB Service Rifle is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle optimized for three-round burst firing, and proven to be an extraordinarily versatile weapon at a wide variety of ranges in the hands of a capable marksman.[1]

The BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, abbreviated BR85HB SR,[3] and more commonly known as the Battle Rifle, is a UNSC infantry selective fire service rifle used primarily in the post-war years. It is a gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle that is extraordinarily effective against infantry energy shielding. It has a magazine size of 36 rounds and fires in three-round bursts.



  • Has a large amount of ammo (216 rounds maximum).
  • Four bursts can take out Elites and Spartans: three to take out the shields and one to the head.
  • 3-round bursts make it easier to obtain headshots.
  • 3-round bursts can strip shields and kill in a single shot.


  • Lacks range and accuracy of the DMR.
  • Slower reload time.

Changes from the BR55HB SR in Halo 3Edit

  • Hitscan feature returns from Halo 2, making the BR55HB slightly more accurate.
  • Scope is square instead of round.
  • Picatinny rail on the top carry handle of the rifle (which the scope is mounted on).
  • Larger reticle.
  • Misriah Armory's symbol is sported on both sides of the stock of the weapon.

Changes in the Halo 4 Weapon Tuning UpdateEdit

Main article: Weapon Tuning Update
  • Capable of killing in 11 bullets (four bursts instead of five).[4][5]
  • Rate-of-fire was slightly decreased.[4]
  • Red reticle range was decreased.[4]


  • Early images of the BR85HB SR Battle Rifle released by 343 Industries had "BR55HB SR" printed on the side.
  • An exclusive Arctic skin for the Battle Rifle was available for those who pre-ordered the game from EB Games or GameStop. This skin was later made available in the Game of the Year Edition along with other previously exclusive weapon skins.
  • It is actually possible, albeit quite difficult, to score three headshots with one burst, provided each target is unshielded.


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