An automated surgery suite is a feature found on board most Covenant warships. Judging from its name, it is a robotic or AI controlled medical suite. Rapid Conversion had an Automated Surgery Suite, which Maccabeus used to treat his pack-mate Major Licinus after a bullet penetrated one of his lungs.[1] Later, Maccabeus himself would need to spend a full "sleep-cycle" in the suite to heal the wounds inflicted on him by Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne on Harvest.[2] He, however, never got the time to do so, because his nephew Tartarus challenged him for his position as leader of the pack. Tartarus won and killed Maccabeus, who had a disadvantage because of his wounds.

Due to the fact that most ships were stripped down by the Sangheili before being given to the Jiralhanae, this is likely a fairly low tech piece of equipment and a better version may be fitted on Sangheili ships. Of course it may have been disabled by the Sangheili and the ship's Huragok, Lighter Than Some repaired it.

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