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Colonel Audrey Lasky[1] is a human senior officer of the United Nations Space Command serving during the Insurrection. She is the mother of Captain Thomas Lasky and his deceased older brother Cadmon Lasky.


A then First Lieutenant Audrey was in the same squad as a younger Kennedy Mehaffey. Both of them were ODSTs at the time. Both women ascended the ranks together, developing notable reputations.[2] At some point she was promoted to Colonel.

Due to the fast developing Insurrection, she was rarely around, resulting in Thomas barely knowing her.[3] The day Cadmon died, she informed Thomas via video message of his brother's death. As there were no remains, she decided Thomas shouldn't leave school for Cadmon's funeral.[4]


Audrey was known to have an encyclopedic intellect.[2] She also valued education highly, as she didn't want Tom to miss any school for Cadmon's funeral. She also appears to have an all-business attitude even towards her own son.[4]



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