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Aszod was a location on the planet Reach at Eposz, most likely a city or small region within Ung, Alfold.[1] It appears to be located within an impact crater.


At some point before, the UNSC Commonwealth was under deconstruction within the ship yards.[2] As well, the Reach Tourism Board chose the plains at Aszod for their "Escape." ad.[3]

Human-Covenant warEdit

Main article: Battle of Aszod

Just before August 30, 2552, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn landed and was dry-docked in the ship-breaking yards. It was also one of the final sites that one could get off world.[4]

On August 30, 2552, Emile-A239 and Noble Six escorted the AI Cortana through the ship breaking yards to be put on the cruiser the Pillar of Autumn. The ship graveyards underneath the main ship-breaking facilities were the site of a large battle.[5] Once the Pillar of Autumn took off, Noble Six moved down into the ship breaking yards, for their final encounter with the Covenant before dying to multiple attacking Elites.[6]

Post-war Edit

In 2589, an unknown colony ship landed within the region, near where Noble Six's final resting spot was.[6]





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