Armory Badge

UNSC armory floor sign

Armory A-01 is a generic United Nations Space Command term for any armory and armor testing facility on the port side of an Orbital Defense Platform.

Cairo Station Armory A-01Edit

Cairo Station Armory A-01 was the United Nations Space Command armory on the port side of Cairo Station. During the Battle of Earth, Covenant boarders invaded Armory A-01. Stealth Elites armed with Plasma Rifles raided the armory and killed the Master Gunnery Sergeant in charge of it, who was equipped with a shotgun. John-117, from Hangar A-02, wasn't able to get to him in time (as the doors on the floor would not open), but was able to kill the elites.

If the game is played on Heroic and the left passage is taken that leads to the armory from the hangar and kill the Grunts on the right with a Plasma Rifle and the ones on the right with a Battle Rifle and take the walkway on the right and once through the door below the armory, take the left staircase, while ignoring the Elites attacking you. The door will open and the player can kill the Elites attacking the Master Gunnery Sergeant and save him. However, he will eventually die from unknown reasons.


Armory A-01's main stored are SMGs; there are roughly a dozen SMGs, most in collapsible racks along the main wall. On the left hand table, there is a Battle rifle, a Magnum, and three packets of Battle Rifle ammo. On the right hand table, there were three boxes of shotgun shells, plus two packets of SMG ammo. The far right side table has a medical box that is labeled "Rescue."

It is quite possible that the Armory A-01 had a larger complement of BRs, Mags, and Shotguns, but these were taken by Marines to help defend Cairo Station. Due to the fact that some SMG racks were empty only reinforces this claim. The Armory might have also been used to fix and clean weapons, and house some medical supplies. Since there are numerous racks of SMGs and BRs all throughout the station, including shotguns, Armory A-01 may have been used to store a larger number of weapons, plus much ammunition.

Energy Shield StationEdit

The Energy Shield Test Station that was featured in the Armory Level might have also housed heavy weapons, as Sniper Rifle magazines and shotgun ammo can be seen there.