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The Armor Permutation Glitch is a Hologram glitch that can be performed in Halo: Reach and Halo 4. The bug creates a Hologram without a source player model to copy from. When an Elite player performs the glitch, this can result in an Elite Hologram with white Minor armor and a random Armor effect, or in an Elite Hologram with all customizable armor pieces missing. When a Spartan player performs the glitch, a Hologram with completely random armor results, which do not synchronize (all players in the game will see different armor).

Walkthrough Edit

To perform the glitch, you must be in an online game, and you cannot be host.

  • Start a Forge session and obtain the Hologram Armor Ability (either through Base Player Traits or by picking one up).
  • Spawn a Hologram and go into Edit Mode at the same time.

The glitch can also occur when spawning a Hologram right as you die.


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