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H5G Render PrometheanSoldier-FullBody

A Promethean Soldier is a type of Armiger.

Armigers are types of Forerunner bipedal Artificial intelligence combat platforms. They are skilled in the raiding of spacecraft and close quarter combat.[1]


Human-Forerunner warEdit

During the Human-Forerunner war, the Ur-Didact employed the use of Armigers to raid ancient Human ships because of their ability to fight in close quarter combat.[1]

Forerunner-Flood warEdit

After the Didact's exile, the Ecumene found themselves unprepared for the return of the Flood. Due to the dwindling number of Warrior-Servants the Ecumene recommissioned the Armigers to fight the Flood.[1]

Though most of them were used for fighting the Flood, a few were secretly deployed to key Forerunner sites tasked with guarding them after the firing of the Halo Array.[1]



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