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Arby 'n' the Chief was a Live-Action Machinima Hybrid series created by Jon Graham, credited as Jon CJG, about the lives of figurine versions of the Master Chief and the Arbiter. It is mainly based around the two playing Halo 3 or Halo: Reach and doing things related to Halo, but also will occasionally play other games whilst spending the remainder of their time pulling off various shenanigans.



  • Master Chief
  • The Arbiter
  • Cortana
  • Todd
  • Travis
  • Greg The Spider

Xbox LiveEdit

  • Claire Ferguson
  • Trent Donnovich
  • Chaos Theosis
    • Clyde
    • Kylie
    • Duncan
    • Adam McIntyre
  • Eugene Black
  • Colin Hunt
  • Tyler King


  • Scott Loveheart
  • Agent Smirnoff
  • Skyler Loveheart
  • Josh Butterballs


Arby 'n' the Chief is about two Halo 2-era Action Figures of the Master Chief and the Arbiter who live in their owner's (Jon Graham) house. When Jon is at home, the figures stay put and do not move, as one would expect of a typical figurine. Whenever Jon leaves, they start moving around, playing games, and pulling off shenanigans, similar to the Disney/Pixar movie "Toy Story". The only four people who have seen them physically is the delivery man from "Pilot," Scott and Agent Smirnoff in "Endgame," and Claire in "Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A." Though, Arbiter has convinced Scott that they are hallucinations from his massive substance abuse, and the "In L.A." series is counted as non-canon.

Usually, the duo plays Halo 3, or Halo: Reach as of Season 4, on Xbox LIVE although Arbiter also enjoys playing other games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Resident Evil 5, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Wii. Chief is typically seen expressing scorn and dissent whenever someone chooses to play any game that is not Halo related, and as such, Chief stays away from such games. However, he does venture out of his normal way to try those games, though his performance is terrible, and what time he does devote to the playing of different games always results in an increase in Chief's hatred for that game. Later on in the series, however, Chief becomes more tolerant of non-Halo games, such as Resident Evil 5, despite later on joining a protest against the game itself because of its alleged racism.

Master Chief Sucks at Halo Edit

In this prequel to the later series, Jon's Halo 2 Master Chief action figure comes to life, and begins playing the Halo 3 Beta. He plays extremely poorly, partially because of his unfamiliarity with the new features of Halo 3, but mainly because of his total lack of video gaming talent (at one point, he picks up a spike grenade and throws it at a nearby wall, killing himself and blaming Bungie for making a "gay wep0n"; in another scene, he accuses another player of hacking due to the player's use of a bubble shield).

In the second episode, we find him asking the Arbiter (apparently a different Arbiter action figure than the one who would later be featured in Arby 'n' the Chief; like the Chief, this Arbiter is unintelligent and uses Leet Speak) to play Halo 3 Beta with him on MSN. However, the Beta has been concluded, prompting the Chief to try and drown himself in the toilet. When the suicide attempt fails (because he is wearing a helmet), he decides to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live. He quickly gets booted for offensive behavior, which includes betraying teammates for power weapons such as the Energy Sword. Afterward, he decides to check out for updates on Halo 3, and discovers that the game's release date has been announced for Tuesday, September 25, 2007.

In the final episode, we find him under the Halo 3 Legendary Edition Helmet. He comments on how a man on the internet lied to him by telling him that "wearing this helmet does not make you pleh better." He proceeds to play Halo 3, and after a bad display of gameplay, he takes a Sniper Rifle and gets a lucky headshot while jumping. He thinks he has become the best Halo 3 player in the history of the world, and decides to make a Halo 3 montage. After seven weeks, and with assistance from the Arbiter, he finally completes his "masterpiece," which consists of a misspelled title; the film clip was filmed unskillfully, with the shooting technique of merely pointing a digital camera at the TV screen. To top it all off, the film comes with an annoyingly loud soundtrack ("Crawling" by Linkin Park).

Episode Guide Edit

Season 1Edit

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Pilot 9:56 The episode opens with Master Chief dreaming about Halo 3, where he wins an award by a Bungie representative for being the best gamer in the history of the planet. A parcel delivery reveals "The Arbiter."[1]
2 Recon 9:05 Master Chief comes up with a hilariously complex idea to get the Recon armor piece from Bungie, but resorts to the Arbiter writing a letter for him.[2]
3 Attitude 8:07 After successfully receiving the armor piece, Master Chief proceeds to annoy fellow players by bragging. Taking out his frustration on the Arbiter, he destroys his copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.[3]
4 Melee 8:09 Master Chief yet again gets frustrated after the Arbiter scores a custom match kill that should have been his, after a simultaneous melee gave the Arbiter the score because he had more health.[4]
5 Martyrdom 9:02 Unable to understand how his 714 GB pornography download would cause severe lag, Master Chief stops playing Halo 3. Accompanying the Arbiter in a game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, he is explained by his friend about the "Martyrdom" perk.[5]
6 Brawl 8:32 After failing to grenade and rocket-jump over a nearly-impossible gap in the level "Halo", Master Chief and the Arbiter decide to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl.[6]

Season 2Edit

# Title Episode Length Summary
7 Girls 8:28 After noticing the derogatory way Master Chief treats female players, the Arbiter makes it his duty to turn him into a gentleman. Although originally successful, Master Chief reverts to his old ways when a Cortana action figure arrives at Jon's apartment.[7]
8 Legendary 7:17 After discovering the "forge filters" in the newly downloaded Legendary map pack, the Arbiter has Master Chief come up with a good forged-map for it. Master Chief's distorted idea of the perfect forge map is to activate all forge filters; put all starter and respawn spots next to each other, and put spend the entire budget on scenery items and equipment that is irretrievable.[8]
9 Newcomers 9:22 The night after playing Halo 3 with annoyingly serious players, Master Chief and the Arbiter are welcomed by two new guests - Todd and Travis. Master Chief becomes jealous when Cortana and Todd become close friends.[9]
10 Cortana 7:12 After fruitless attempts to break up Todd and Cortana's relationship with drawn images of an affair and a 9-1-1 call, Master Chief has only one option left: to kill Todd.[10]
11 Conflict - Part 1 9:16 Humiliated by Travis' trick which had him thrown into a mirror after a failed chat-up line with Cortana, Master Chief announces to the Arbiter that he will teach Todd and Travis a lesson. That night, he approaches them with a knife as they sleep.[11]
12 Conflict - Part 2 8:04 Master Chief fights Todd and Travis, quickly defeating Travis with a kick in the gonads. The chief and Todd are evenly-matched until he tricks Todd into turning his back. About to kill him with the knife, the Arbiter and Cortana stop him just in time. The next day, Cortana approaches Master Chief - Todd and Travis have disappeared.[12]

Season 3Edit

# Title Episode Length Summary
13 Cold 7:25 Master Chief tries to raise money to purchase "Cold Storage," unaware that it is free.[13]
14 Wedding 8:07 Master Chief and the Arbiter are invited to a wedding on Halo 3. While the Arbiter tries to go on with the idea; which he feels is taking the game too far, Master Chief plans to crash the party.[14]
15 Professional (Part 1 of 3) 7:25 Master Chief introduces to the Arbiter his new friend Craig, who claims to be an MLG player. Knowing of MLG ("Major-league gaming"), the Arbiter sees through Craig's lies clearly. Chief on the other hand, believes him to be real.[15]
16 Face Off (Part 2 of 3) 6:41 After making Chief cry, the Arbiter approaches Craig and his friends. They agree to have Master Chief fight Craig.[16]
17 Showdown (Part 3 of 3) 10:02 Master Chief begins his match with Craig, drunk. Unbeknownst to him, the Arbiter has "Player 1" controller, and is pretending to be Chief to win the bet. Beating the Arbiter with camping and power-weapon tactics, it is up to Master Chief to take down Craig when he suddenly leaves his console.[17]
18 Glitch 8:58 After downloading the "New Xbox Experience," the Arbiter is shocked by Master Chief's desire to kill himself. After stopping him, he is told that Chief lost his Katana piece. Not believing it to be of anything serious, the Arbiter is taken to a game of Snowbound, where all players have ceased their desire to kill each other after noticing that they too have lost their armor pieces.[18]
19 Panic 8:43 On Snowbound, the glitch-affected players begin killing non-affected gamers in a frenzy of anger at the loss of their armor pieces. Before the surviving non-affected players (with the addition of Master Chief) kill each other, a Title Upgrade is announced by Bungie that will fix the glitch.[19]
20 Cheater 10:11 Master Chief begins using cheats to excel at Halo, after finally giving up with trying to get better with experience. A Bungie employee with a gravity hammer (the "Banhammer"), not prepared to ban the Arbiter as well (the two are using the same game account), has Chief's Recon armor removed as punishment, instead.[20]
21 Company, Part 1 7:18 After watching a horrible amateur machinima, the Arbiter and Master Chief agree to found their own machinima company. After seven weeks of work, the Master Chief comes up with "The Shawshank Redemption 2: Taking Back Manhattan." Writing in over five-thousand characters, he is only able to hire three child gamers.[21]
22 Party 5:17 The Arbiter wakes up after a night of drinking and finds Jon's apartment wrecked and Master Chief asleep in the toilet. Looking through the damaged items (such as an Xbox console with its lead cut and reattached at a smaller length), the Arbiter begins to remember the events of the previous night.[22]
23 Company, Part 2 6:15 After forcing the Arbiter with legal action for not signing a non-disclosure agreement (Which he opposes due to it not being a real company), Chief returns to his machinima without him. He is unaware that the Arbiter has now sabotaged his production to make him come to his senses.[23]
24 Evil 10:18 After playing Resident Evil 5, Master Chief returns to Halo 3 and joins a protest against the game - the protesters believe that Africans being featured in gaming is somehow racist. After seeing their point with the current events happening in the continent, the Arbiter leaves to think about it. Returning the next day, he has the group disband, citing that Capcom's want for the game to take place in Africa was not racist or insensitive, but because it was important to the story. Back in the apartment, Chief begins to annoy the Arbiter with his constant Wesker quotes.[24]
25 King 18:09 Stranded in a glitched game of King of the Hill, the players begin arguing over which of their favourite machinima series are the best. The Arbiter finally ends it, by making them agree that all of the mentioned series are popular and liked by many people. The game finally returns to normal and Chief wins the game. Elsewhere, what happened to Todd, Travis and Cortana is revealed to the viewer.[25]


Endgame is the originally intended finale for Arby 'n' the Chief before the debut of the sequel series Arby 'n' the Chief: In LA. It is split into six parts.

Title Episode Length Summary
Part One 6:07 An international drug smuggler and cocaine addict on the run from the Russian government responds to Jon's need of a roommate to pay his bills.
Part Two 5:24 The Arbiter befriends a girl in a Slayer match named "Claire." He and Master Chief are also introduced to their roommate; Scott, who believes that their unexplainable existence is caused by eating his "Coke sandwiches."
Part Three 7:29 An entire game of Halo players are lagged-out by a hacker, while the Arbiter begins talking to Claire on MSN.
Part Four 7:36 Master Chief cuts off his foot to impress Bungie into giving him back his Recon armor. Meanwhile, they discover that Scott is stealing from Jon, and Claire breaks up with the Arbiter for lying to her about his identity.
Part Five 9:34 Scott begins stalking Claire in a Sandbox maze, trying to kill her with a SPARTAN laser while continuing his "lagging out" tactic. Master Chief and the Arbiter find the Russian agent who was chasing Scott in episode one, and bring him back to deal with him.
Part Six 11:19 With Scott's cocaine-covered corpse and blood covering Jon's apartment and the remainder of his money taken by Scott, the figures consider the possibility of them being sold to pay for Jon's living. Luckily, Claire; who had overheard the events of the previous episode on her headset, learns the truth about the two titular characters. To make it up for saving Xbox live, she offers Jon to share her apartment in California so that he doesn't end up homeless. Chief is sad, though, that he never got his Recon. At that very moment, though, a Bungie employee shows up, and asks for Chief, who takes all the credit in killing Scott the hacker, to which Arbiter calls him an asshole. The Bungie member, however, does not hear, but gives Chief Recon once again. A couple minutes later, though, Chief gets mad when he sees he is now not the only one with Recon, says: I H8 BUNGIE.

Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.Edit

On November 2, 2009 it was announced that a sequel to the series is in production. The sequel's title is "Arby n the Chief in L.A."[26] Jon Graham stated on his blog that he is not working on the project, and that has taken complete control of the series.[1] However, is still going to go to Jon for him to provide tips and information to help with series continuity.

Because of bad fan reception for the first two episodes, on November 24, 2009, much to his dismay, Jon Graham stated on his blog that he was asked by Machinima to fly to L.A. and help them with the third episode to "give the new crew a running start." However, he was detained by US Homeland Security as a Canadian citizen and was denied entrance to the United States; the new arrangement is for Jon to simply write the scripts and manage the voices, while a film crew in LA does all the actual production. Jon stated on his blog that he still doesn't consider the series his anymore.[2]

It is unknown whether the series will continue, due to its unpopularity compared to the series made by Jon Graham.

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Dear Jon 4:43 In Claire's house in California, the Chief is attacking one of his teammates solely because he has Recon as well while the Arbiter waits for Claire to return. As Claire and Jon return, Jon takes a shower while Claire attempts to apologize to the Arbiter about how she is going out with Jon, but the Arbiter insists that it is okay and that he understands why she would not want to date him. Claire thanks the Arbiter and follows Jon. Time passes and The Arbiter has grown bored with their current life of playing Halo since arriving in California. He decides to leave the house and go outdoors in search of adventure, with The Chief following close behind.[27]
2 Walking in LA 6:07 The Arbiter and Master Chief's first day in Los Angeles does not go well, with both of them being forced to take shelter inside an overturned box on the streets, and with Chief complaining that he smells like "Cat Piss." Trying to make the best of their situation, The Arbiter and Chief tour around Los Angeles, visiting Hollywood, the beach, and other locations. Master Chief however is still bored with the scenery, to the point of crudely improvising an Xbox controller out of a TV remote, a couch out of an empty box of tissues with a piece of torn towel, and an Xbox and television out of a large jug with an illustration of stick figures shooting at each other. Tired of adventures, Chief decides to set out to find an Xbox, Despite the Arbiter's suggestion visit the Zoo. After a tense run-in with a dog, the two set off to the zoo.[28]
3 Lost 5:14 In search of the Zoo but are now lost next to a dumpster, the Arbiter now has second thoughts and explains to Master Chief that they can't go to the zoo because of their existence as toys or else they would both be captured and experimented on by the government. When the Chief makes a crude comparison to the movie District 9, Both Arbiter and Chief get into an argument about Earth's expanding universe, as well as debate on religion. Still persistant on going to the zoo, Master Chief is physically stopped by the Arbiter, prompting Chief to go back to Claire’s house. When the Arbiter doesn’t want to go back because he is still upset over Claire, this time the Chief refuses to listen to him and heads off on his own.[29]

This is the first episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in LA that Jon wrote and voiced for.

3.5 Holiday Promo 0:38 Master Chief records himself with a video camera, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, much to the Arbiter's disinterest, preferring to going to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie instead.[30]
4 Breaking and Entering 4:55 With Master Chief fed up with the adventure, he and the Arbiter get into a fight which ends with The Arbiter throwing him off and telling him that all he wants is for both of them to be safe and happy. They find a “Pro Gamers” residence, which the Chief attempts to break into despite the fact that the door is wide open. The Arbiter is nervous upon entering the building, but the Chief assures him that there is no one there. Immediately, however, a third voice pipes up, “Yes there is!” and the two look to see that the owner of the voice is Sonic the Hedgehog.[31]
5 Ensemble 6:10 Sonic is overjoyed to see them, as he thinks that they are from Starship Troopers. Creeped out, the Arbiter suggests to the Chief that they leave, but when the Chief learns that they have an Xbox in the store, he immediately elects to stay. Sonic introduces them to two other action figures in the store: Luigi and Toad. When Sonic proclaims that he has found Starship Trooper characters, the Arbiter corrects him and tells him that they are actually Halo figures. Toad and Luigi tell the Arbiter and the Chief to leave, because their “leader” has absolutely no tolerance for Halo. They then hear an angry voice yelling at Toad for not making food for him; Toad and Luigi quickly hide the Arbiter and the Chief. An angry Mario figure stomps into the room, attacking them both until the Arbiter intervenes and steps into the open, confronting Mario.[32]
6 Clash of the Titans 6:00 Master Chief and Sonic play Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox, much to Chief's dissatisfaction, demanding to know where Halo 3 is. Meanwhile, the Arbiter and Mario face off. Mario is angry with Halo because, in his eyes, he was the face of video games until the Master Chief stole it from him. The Arbiter defends the first two Halo games, but admits that, after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released, Halo 3 (along with everything else) was "just so 'meh' in comparison." The Arbiter goes on to concede that the Mario games, despite possessing a shallow and repetitive plot, do deliver solid gameplay, and that Mario should still be the face of video games. However, he reignites the argument by saying that Banjo-Kazooie was better than Super Mario 64.[33]
7 The Dark Side 4:15 Mario reluctantly allows the Arbiter to stay because of his intelligence. However, he refuses to let the Master Chief stay and the Arbiter can only remain as long as he sells out the Chief, thus is torn between Toad's insistence on doing so and Luigi's persuasion against doing so. Meanwhile the Chief has found the Halo 3 disc inside a Tony Hawk’s Ride game case, to his delight.[34]
8 Two Betrayals 4:48 Master Chief tricks Sonic into going to see Mario so that he can play Halo 3 by himself. The Arbiter and Toad arrive, with The Arbiter accepting Mario's offer to allow him to stay on the condition that the Chief be kicked out. At that moment, Chief is heard complaini about the map Boundless (another version of Snowbound), Mario storms into the room and, after a brief argument, throws the Chief out while the Arbiter looks on. The episode ends with a shot of the sad Master Chief sitting outside the door of the shop.[35]
9 Exile 4:26 The Chief wakes up outside, inside a box, remembering his situation and sits down, depressed. Meanwhile, Mario throws Sonic in a cupboard, despite the latter's pleas. After threatening Luigi for helping Sonic, Mario reveals that he has planned for Sonic to have some company in the cupboard. Toad talks to the Arbiter, whom is feeling guilty about betraying the Chief. Toad tries to reassure the Arbiter, with some success, before mentioning that Mario wanted to see him. Without warning, the Arbiter is stunned by a large falling piece of plastic.[36]
10 Alone 4:32 Going back on his word, Mario tells the Arbiter that while he hates Master Chief, he adds that he hates pseudo-intellectuals and those whom are not human in general, like the Arbiter. According to Mario, the Arbiter looks like Bowser. When the Arbiter retorts that he looks nothing like a dragon, he is thrown into the cupboard with Sonic. Sonic says that he is locked in for telling Chief where Halo 3 is, and begins to get high from his Sharpie marker. He offers it to the Arbiter, who eventually accepts. The Chief, meanwhile, is playing "catch" with a crude blob representing the Arbiter drawn on the side of his box. After throwing a tantrum, Chief gets his foot stuck in the box after kicking it.[37]
11 Outcasts 4:26 While getting high from Sonic's Sharpie, the Arbiter overhears a conversation outside between Mario and co that he intends to kill them both. Toad and Luigi finally refuse to comply, leading Mario to kick them both out as well. Toad and Luigi overhear the Chief's calls for help, and they free his foot from the box. The Chief invites Toad and Luigi into his "house" and after getting into a short argument with Toad. Toad tells the Chief that Mario is about to kill the Arbiter and Sonic. The Chief quotes “himself” from the Halo: Combat Evolved level Two Betrayals: "That's not going to happen."[38]
12 Counter Strike 4:26 Mario opens the cupboard, prepared to kill both the Arbiter and Sonic. Meanwhile after wasting minutes of concocting a plan to rescue Arbiter and Sonic, Master Chief, Luigi, and Toad return to their home and break in through a window. The Chief, Luigi, and Toad find the Arbiter and Sonic tied together in a microwave with Mario about to kill them. Mario closes the microwave and confronts the Chief, ending on a cliffhanger.[39]
13 Game Over 5:48 Mario presses the start button on the microwave, starting the long and painful process of melting the Arbiter and Sonic. The Chief battles with Mario while Luigi and Toad hurry to rescue Sonic and The Arbiter from melting. After a long tussle, Mario loses his balance with the Chief holding onto his face, and they both fall over backwards off the counter. Both Mario and the Chief hit the ground and lie still, apparently dead. The Arbiter insists to Toad that the Chief's "done this before," and that he'll get up in just a moment, but the Chief remains still and quiet. He is wrapped in a magazine and given a funeral of sorts, whereas Mario is simply thrown into the freezer by Toad. Arbiter apologizes to Chief's body for selling him out, and Sonic gives up sniffing his sharpie and gives it to Chief as a present. To commemorate Chief's memory, Toad suggests that they all play Halo 3. However, the box is missing. Outside, it is revealed that the Chief - very much alive - has broken out of the magazine and has stolen the Halo 3 box. Angry at the Arbiter for betraying him, the Chief reflects that he does not have to listen to the Arbiter anymore now that he has a copy of Halo 3.

After the credits end, the freezer is shown open with no sight of Mario, indicating that he is still alive and has escaped to hunt down the other action figures.[40]

Season 4Edit

After the results of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A. became apparent, Jon revealed via his blog that he will be producing a fourth season of Arby 'n' the Chief. That would not be a continuation of Arby ‘n’ the Chief in LA, but of the original series, taking place after the events of “King” but before those of Endgame; unlike Arby 'n' the Chief in LA, Jon is creating these episodes entirely on his own, with no outside involvement from Jon has described the new season as having, “No melodrama, no crazy plots, no new characters, just classic Arby 'n' the Chief, back-and-forth banter and wacky around-the-house antics.” The first two episodes, which were premiered at CanWest 2010, center around the Halo: Reach Beta, while the rest of the episodes will be based around other popular Xbox 360 games or other plots that do not relate to video games. A trailer is available on YouTube, the first episode was out on June 26, 2010 and the last one came out on December 10, 2010 [41]

# Title Episode Length Summary
26 Out of Reach 5:18 In an effort to play the Halo: Reach beta before its intended opening time, Master Chief takes the concept of disk-burning to far and mutilates the disk with a knife.[42]
27 It's A Beta! 4:05 Master Chief and the Arbiter take turns in playing the Reach beta. Left with nothing else to do, Chief uses Arbiter's account to forum post his thoughts on the game.[43]
28 Pirates 4:51 Master Chief uses Arbiter's Bus pass and university assignment for a pirate role-playing game, unaware that Arbiter will require them.[44]
29 Aces and Spaces 5:37 After offending Arbiter's drawing-abilities, Master Chief challenges him to an aptly-named "dick-drawing contest."[45]
30 Giveth and Taketh 5:34 Master Chief grows bored with Halo 3 and decides to play the Reach beta to kill time until it's September retail release, and is choked when the Arbiter tells him the beta is no longer available.[46]
31 God's Work 6:15 Arbiter decides to play PS3 but Chief intervenes by throwing Arbiter's controller in to the toilet.[47]
32 B& (1/2) 6:19 While playing Modern Warfare 2, Master Chief witnesses another player hacking the game, and asks how to do it. He mods the console, and mows down opponents online with reckless abandon. Just before Arbiter shows up with a new copy of Halo: Reach (and the right to play it first), the console gets banned from Xbox Live.[48]
33 B& (2/2) 6:55 Chief is quick to try and hide the result of his MW2 hacking spree from the Arbiter, eventually Arbiter finds out and after getting into a scuffle with Chief, retrieves Jon's old console in order to play Reach, only to be locked in the closet by Chief.[49]
34 Digital Fruitcakes 9:16 Chief and his team of armor ability loving Xbox Live friends dubbed the n00bs, challenge the Arbiter to a game of Halo: Reach with online play time on the line. Arbiter soundly defeats the n00bs with just sprint and a magnum. At the end of the episode he remarks "Boy, I could sure go for some invasion right now" since chief will be off the Xbox for the rest of the week.[50]
35 Night of the Evading Dead 13:31 After an annoying game of Infection the night before, the Arbiter is woken up by the Chief early on Halloween to play some Infection custom games with one of Chief's "friends" who turns out to be the kid from before. After being chased through the map by a teabagging zombie player, the Arbiter reaches the landing pad to discover that Chief and the Falcon are gone. As he is cornered by the zombie, Chief appears with the falcon and splatters the player much to the Arbiter's relief and Chief's satisfaction.[51]
36 The Mail Room 5:18 Arby and the Chief read and answer fan mail with some truthful and not so straight forward answers.[52]
37 The Mail Room II 8:14 Part of the Mail Room fan mail special as Arbiter and the Master Chief continue to answer questions sent by fans of the show.[53]
38 The Spider 11:35 An uneventful afternoon in Jon's apartment turns upside down when Chief discovers a giant spider after being made to wash his bowl in the sink. After he and the Arbiter lock themselves in the bathroom 'till it fucks off" they realize that Chief blocked the drain with his bowl. Arbiter builds up enough courage to try and go out and unblock the drain, knowing that if he doesn't the whole apartment could flood. After shutting off the tap he and Chief confront the spider telling it to "get lost," but the spider leaves a note saying he only wants to hang out before he leaves. Feeling bad for the spider, Arbiter tries to make friends with the spider who's names turns out to be Greg. Chief pulls Arbiter aside to warns him that "we need to kill this mother fucker," though he is overheard by Greg and strung up in the kitchen. At the end of the episode Arbiter seems to be overcoming his arachnophobia and is playing video games with Greg in the apartment.[54]

Season 5Edit

Season five picks up roughly where season four left off. It brings back Greg the spider as a regular character since he was well received by fans. The new season differs from season four in that all the episodes are now connected story wise and will be leading up to a big climax at the end of the season Jon Graham revealed on his blog.

# Title Episode Length Summary
39 House of Cards 15:00 Master Chief, the Arbiter, and their (Arbiter's) new friend, Greg celebrate Christmas while exchanging Christmas presents. Later, Arbiter and Greg are introduced to Gaming Corporate Tycoon, Trent Donnovich, who is hosting a in-game wedding on Halo: Reach.[55]
40 Duck Love 9:01 Inspired by Trent Donnovich's interview from the previous episode, Arbiter and Greg decide to write their own game show. Their efforts are halted by Chief, who decides to make his own variation of their idea.[56]
41 Low on Hearts 11:32 Arbiter and Chief continue to butt heads over whose show will be better in execution. Later on, Arbiter runs into his old flame, Claire in a game of Halo only to learn something shocking... Claire is getting married, to Trent Donnovich.[57]
42 Rock Bottom 12:16 Master Chief encounters some irate MLG players that he met in "Duck Love" and challenges both of them to a game of Halo. Meanwhile, Arbiter is reeling from the shock of Claire's revelation.[58]
43 Hypernews 1 11:23 The first episode of Arby and The Chief's show, "Hypernews." While the Arbiter tries to do a simple review on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Master Chief quickly takes over, transforming the review into a rant about the game's lack of more modern features that video games (or in Chief's case, Halo) have today.[59]
44 Drunken Halo 9:31 With the failure of Hypernews due to Chief's takeover of the show. Arbiter decides to drink to ease his pain despite Greg's warnings. While playing drunk on Halo with Chief, Arbiter runs into Claire again and tension begins to raise between the two over Claire's choice to marry Trent.[60]
45 Time Wasters 11:08 Fed up with being terrible at Halo after being called out for it one time too many. Chief asks Arbiter to teach him how to be better at Halo.[61]
46 Da Bomb 12:55 While Master Chief is training with the Arbiter, the duo receive an invitation from Trent to tour the Church he and Claire are getting married in.[62]
47 Double Trouble 15:20 Now with more developed skills, Master Chief confronts the MLG Players that humiliated him and challenges them to a rematch, this time as a tag-team with the Arbiter helping him.[63]
48 Hypernews 2 13:57 The second episode of Arby and the Chief's show "Hypernews," this time the reviewed game being GoldenEye 007.[64]
49 Stag Night 18:28 With Trent's wedding tomorrow, The Arbiter is concerned that Chief will ruin his bachelor party with his rude behavior. As a result he enlists a reluctant Greg to restrain Chief and lock him in the bathroom until the party is over. Eventually Chief escapes Greg's webbing and the bathroom and attempts to join the stag night, only for him and the Arbiter to discover a dark secret about Trent.[65]
50 Cheaters 26:21 With his dark secret at risk of being exposed, Trent bans Arbiter and the Chief from contacting Claire by any means possible. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the Arbiter agrees to crash Trent's wedding with Chief despite their limited capabilities. Things take a turn for the worse when Greg decides to leave after nearly being attacked by a vengeful Chief for being locked in the bathroom.[66]
51 Collapse 31:49 Armed with account-banning hacks and with the wedding only minutes away, Arbiter and Chief storm Trent's Church, intent on stopping the Wedding and saving Claire from making what could be the biggest mistake of her life.[67]

Season 6Edit

Season six picks up where season five left off. Four months have passed since since Arbiter and Chief were banned and are now coping with their withdrawal, with negative side-effects. A new plot device in the series includes the establishment of "Chaos Theosis," a group of hackers whom are now rebelling against a new strict Online Terms of Usage that was set up from the Arbiter and Chief's actions at Trent's wedding.

# Title Episode Length Summary
52 Genesis 19:43 Four months have passed since the events of "Collapse" from season 5 and both Arbiter and Master Chief are coping with their withdrawal with great difficulty. Unknown to the duo however, a group of hackers known as "Chaos Theosis" is out to dismantle the OMN, starting with its protection organization, the TOSERS.[68]
53 Hard End 14:55 Receiving an invitation to join the TOSERS, Master Chief applies for the position in order to get back his online access. During the match to decide who will join however, the game is ambushed by Chaos Theosis, who begin their banning spree.[69]
54 TOSERS 17:28 As Chaos Theosis are slowly hunting down the other players in the TOSERS Recruitment Slayer match. The Arbiter and Master Chief form an uneasy alliance with Cody and Cameron (Trent Donnovich's former bodyguards) in order to survive the clan's attack.[70]
55 Dough Eyes 16:36 When Arbiter and Master Chief set out to moderate Halo: Reach online play as newly recruited TOSERS, Arbiter and Claire run into each other. Their reunion is abruptly cut short when Arbiter is forced to fend off a pizza delivery man without having him or Master Chief be seen.[71]
56 Chaos Theosis 16:18 An insightful episode about the personalities in Chaos Theosis is shown as the clan continues its merciless rampage throughout online matchmaking. Meanwhile, the Arbiter and Chief continue their duty as low level TOSERS moderators.[72]
57 Fired Up 20:55 When Master Chief falls asleep from exhaustion from playing Halo: Reach all day, the Arbiter decides to play some Halo over midnight. To his shock (and joy,) his moderator is none other than Claire.[73]
58 The Storm 21:46 When Master Chief gets the toys fired from the TOSERS, Arbiter makes a last-ditch effort to retain the toys' positions on the TOSERS moderation force. In exchage for attempting to receiving powerful hacks in a private hacking server affiliated with Chaos Theosis.[74]
59 Blackout 19:19 Exposed for being associated with TOSERS, Master Chief and the Arbiter are trapped in the belly of the private hacking server at severe risk of having their console irreversibly banned and must find a way out, but not without the hack files they came for.[75]
60 Remission 22:42 Chaos Theosis begins its attack on the TOSERS's server, taking down several players just as Arbiter and Chief arrive too late as a result of a Blackout. With TOSERS gone, and the OMN in danger of being shut down to stop Chaos Theosis, the Arbiter and Chief decide to take action and set up a "(S)Hit List" for the four members of Chaos Theosis.[76]
61 Cradle to Grave 23:00 Master Chief and the Arbiter, having pinned up mugshots of each member of the Chaos Theosis clan (their "(S)Hit List"), label each with their gamertags and settle on tracking and taking out the youngest (and arguably the most merciless) member of the clan first, Claire's killer—Adam.[77]
62 Femme Fatale 20:19 When Chaos Theosis member, Duncan refuses to go through with taking out the OMN out of disgust for the clan's actions, Kylie confronts him regarding his avoidance of the tasks assigned to him by Clyde. Meanwhile, the toys bicker over who to make their next target, eventually settling with Kylie.[78]
63 Severance 23:06 Despite assigning herself some extra protection, Master Chief and Arbiter target the remaining Chaos Theosis members on their hit list, including Kylie and the leader, Clyde. Upon completing the task, they discover that someone else has been pulling the strings of Chaos Theosis...[79]
64 The Reunion 33:09 The Arbiter and Master Chief battle it out against the vengeful Trent Donnovich, who was the one responsible for Chaos Theosis's actions, and who has also activated a network crippling software patch known as the "Permanent Denial of Serivce" attack. With only 15 minutes to stop the madman, the toys must stand against Trent and Clyde from stopping the countdown before Xbox-Live's OMN is ruined for good.[80]


A new segment to season six is a show known as "Hypermail," (formerly known as "Hypernews" from season five.) A fanmail show that will rotate weekly between season 6 and it until the season's end. The segment is non-canon and displays the characters in their usual attitude, as well as addresses more real-life and/or pop culture events from the perspective of The Arbiter and Master Chief, thereby breaking the 4th wall in the series.

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Hypermail 7:50 The Arbiter and Master Chief introduce a new show known as "Hypermail," the fan-mail segment of their now cancelled show "Hypernews." Arbiter and Chief proceed to read and answer fan mail with some truthful and not so truthful answers.
2 A Scientific Fax 7:34 Upon reading some fanmail, Arbiter gives a shoutout to Machinima's Respawn Army's new badges based on their show, as well as mentions the recent rioting in Vancouver over the Stanley Cup. Master Chief on the other hand is more excited about the announcement of Halo 4.
3 From the Ashes 5:55 When the set of Hypermail is destroyed by Master Chief's carelessness, he and the Arbiter are forced to film the show in Jon's Kitchen. When a fan suggests to the Arbiter to buy a doll to fill his void with Claire, Chief steals Jon's wallet to do so for himself.
4 The Gun Show 5:25 While reading fanmail, Master Chief tries to trick the Arbiter by reading an email that came from Arbiter's "mom." The Arbiter however gets the last laugh when someone suggests to Chief to look into a Magnifying glass while it's over the sun.
5 Maximum Overdrive 4:56 While reading fanmail, Master Chief continues trying to prank Arbiter. Little does he know that Arbiter has some tricks up his sleeve as well.
6 Aliens and Monsters 5:42 Upset that he had very little screen-time in their latest story episode "Chaos Theosis," Chief proceeds to read phony emails from Arbiter's supposed family, while Arbiter tries to read actual emails from viewers. Chief's anger quickly fades when he receives a scam email from Nigeria.
7 Silly Billies 4:54 Arbiter and Master Chief read fanmail, this time in front of the door to Jon's Apartment. Their segments ends with the both of them dancing.
8 Voices of Raisins 5:54 The episode opens with Master Chief making a mundane PSA known the "mastur ch33f :D foundayshun" in an attempt to get money from the audience. Arbiter and Master Chief then proceed to read Hypermail while sitting on Jon's bed.
9 Dukes of Dongs 5:51 Reading hypermail from Jon's Kitchen, Master Chief continues to try and beg money from the audience with little success (To Arbiter's notification.) When Chief receives a phony message from a Canadian Hospital stating he has Testicular Cancer, Chief cries, leaving Arbiter to "comfort" him.
10 A Vereh Scareh H4110w33n 5:51 In this Halloween-themed episode, Arbiter has decorated Jon's kitchen to create a spooky atmosphere and proceeds to read emails. Master Chief on the other hand continues to believe he has fallen ill for the Testicular Cancer or "dick cancer" email from the previous episode.
11 Hypermail Anniversary 4:45 Before reading emails, Arbiter and Chief give a big thanks out to Bungie for the release of Halo: Combat Evolved's Anniversary and for the success the Halo series in general has become.
12 Chilling Out 4:10 After reading an email about suggesting Cryogenic Hibernation, Arbiter finds Master Chief in the freezer, hoping for get Halo 4 faster. The two then proceed to read fanmail.
13 Just Say No to Robot Porn 3:15 Arbiter and Chief prepare to read the last emails of Hypermail. Chief tries to avoid to so but making a Skyrim reference but eventually agrees to. The season ends with both Arbiter and Master Chief dancing to Chief's favorite song, "Activate."

Season 7Edit

Season seven is the final season of Arby 'n' the Chief. It picks up a few weeks after Season six. It brings back Greg the spider, as well as Cortana from Season 2 and 3 as regular characters by constant demand from fans. This time, the new season takes on a much darker tone and focuses on Arbiter and Chief dealing with their iminant death and a clan of Trolls, striking a relationship with them in the process that could cause the toys to question their values and embrace their darker selves.

On March 2, 2013, Jon Graham revealed that due to a lack of new ideas, Season 7 will be the final season of Arby 'n' the Chief.[3]

# Title Episode Length Summary
65 Reapers 14:35 With Greg and Cortana having returned to live with Arbiter and Master Chief. Life begins to settle down for the group. However while Chief and Cortana are fighting, Arbiter suddenly breaks his hand off and becomes visibly shaken by the event. Meanwhile a new threat arises in the form of three trolls as elites, who assault a funeral for an Xbox-Live Halo Player.[81]
66 Barbie and the Chief 12:58 Arbiter gets drunk to ease himself from the shock of breaking his hand, unaware that Master Chief has bought himself a Barbie Doll with Jon's Credit Card to entertain himself with. Chief soon changes his mind when he encounters and "befriends" a female player online.[82]
67 Massive Damage 15:27 Master Chief meets with the clan he was invited to, but upon the clan and the girl from the previous episode finding out about Chief's repulsive behavior, Chief is rejected by them, leaving Chief devastated. Meanwhile the Trolls continue to terrorize individual players.[83]
68 Terminal 22:27 Cortana tries to reason with Arbiter and Master Chief with their problems, but tension arises between her and Arbiter, and Chief does not take being criticized by her lightly in the slightest. While playing a game online to ease his new withdrawal from alcohol (per request by Cortana) Arbiter engages a friendly conversation with the leader of the Troll Clan: Eugene Black.[84]
69 Heat 17:03 Fuming after what Cortana said to him in the last episode, Master Chief decides to teach her a lesson by locking her in Jon's Oven until she apologizes. Unaware that the oven is plugged in, Chief's plan backfires with horrific results, and he is quick to hide the evidence. Things turn worse when Chief's only witness is Arbiter's Best Friend, Greg.[85]
70 Ashes 20:47 Wracked with depression after what has happened to Cortana, Master Chief takes up a new addiction in the form of smoking, while Arbiter has become more resentful towards Greg while trying to come to terms with her "disappearance." Their moods however quickly change when Arbiter introduces Chief to Eugene, who in turn introduces them to his girlfriend: Michelle.[86]
71 Two Point Zero 30:49 Arbiter begins to learn of a new light on Eugene after receiving an invite to speak to Michelle, but this quickly gets overshadowed when Eugene introduces him and Master Chief to his friend, Tyler, as well as an offer that could change the toys for the worst. Meanwhile, Greg is becoming more and more impatient over being forced to conceal the truth from Arbiter about Cortana's disappearance.[87]
72 Blast Radius 9:27 Now armed with Colin's updated perma-banning hacks, Eugene and Colin begin using them on players in their pursuit of trolling. Meanwhile, Master Chief is shook up that all his cigarettes are gone and must now go under Nicotine withdrawal.[88]
73 Broken 14:02 When Eugene reveals that he is in possession of the perma-banning hacks, tension rises between Arbiter and Master Chief against using them for trolling. Things take a turn for the worse when Greg decides to leave, unable to cope with the guilt of hiding the truth behind Cortana's disappearance.[89]
74 Burned 15:47 Tension begins to rise in Eugene's clan when an argument between Tyler and Colin breaks out now that the clan has full access to Colin's perma-banning software and Colin refrains Tyler in order for them to play safe. Meanwhile, Master Chief and Arbiter's bad blood remains unsettled now that Greg has left.[90]
75 Black 10:20 While chatting privately, Eugene apologizes for his and Arbiter's earlier conflict over the revelation of his use of the perma-banning hacks, and an in-depth discussion follows revealing both of their troubled lives and personal beliefs.[91]
76 Wake 10:57 Following his in-depth discussion with Eugene, Arbiter makes the rash decision of using the perma-banning software. However Eugene's other friend, Colin is not very accepting of having him nor Master Chief being a part of Eugene's clan. Meanwhile Chief becomes haunted by visions of Cortana.[92]
77 Dead Weight 8:14 Accepting the gift of Fragban 2.0 from Eugene, Arbiter and Master Chief proceed to join the troll clan in wreaking havoc throughout online matchmaking with it now that Colin has green-lit its usage.[93]
78 Spiraling 9:31 Six weeks have passed since the toys acquired the Fragban software patch from Eugene. As Arbiter continues to deteriorate, the toys are informed by Eugene that a funeral for a deceased teenage gamer is to be hosted online and in-game...[94]
79 Crush 11:45 After a long absence, Claire returns online, eager to reconnect with the Arbiter since the defeat of Chaos Theosis. However once the two catch up, she finds out Arbiter has changed drastically from their previous encounter.[95]
80 In Memoriam 13:24 Brody and Kyle, bullied classmates of Eugene and Tyler seek to get revenge on the two by using their own fragban patch against the troll clan. Meanwhile, the Troll Clan, Arbiter, and Master Chief assault the funeral for an Xbox Live Halo Player, a sight that was last seen in the episode, "Reapers."[96]
81 Descent 9:55 Following the memorial service crash, the toys find themselves at the peak of their happiness. Eugene and Tyler obsessively await Brody's reappearance. Arbiter also has a revealing conversation with Colin.[97]
82 Take A Seat 9:49 Master Chief's visions of Cortana become a reality when a manifestation of Cortana herself appears (that only he can see,) and tries to reason with why he did what he did to her. While playing together, they both discover a dark secret about Colin.[98]
83 What Lies Beneath 10:35 After being informed of Colin's secret, Arbiter plans to approach Eugene about the situation. However, he and Master Chief witness Eugene's true maliciousness in real-life when the latter threatens to kill Kyle and Brody and permabans them shortly after, leaving Arbiter conflicted.[99]
84 Greenlit 12:03 After witnessing Eugene's real-life behavior online and the revelation of Colin's secret from before, Arbiter and Master Chief make the decision of defecting from the clan, thereby divorcing themselves from the only friends they've ever made online.[100]
85 Flatline 10:40 When Eugene receives devastating news about his family, he is left both broken and emotionless, turning him into a cold-hearted monster. Elsewhere, Arbiter and Master Chief discuss retaliation for their defeat by Eugene and his clan.[101]
86 Event Horizon 9:14 With his sister, Madeline dead and his mind broken, Eugene suggests to Tyler and Colin to get the most out of Fragban while it's functional by initiating a merciless banning rampage. Meanwhile, Master Chief and the Arbiter decide to put Colin's private IRC server info to worthwhile use.[102]
87 The Big Bang 9:18 Arbiter and Master Chief fight against the Troll Clan in a final battle to save Xbox-Live.[103]
88 Game Over 9:27 With Tyler and Colin defeated and Eugene having committed suicide in real-life for his loss, Arbiter and Master Chief struggle to come to terms with accepting their comeuppance after what they had been through with them.[104]
89 Ignition 25:09 When arguing with Master Chief, Arbiter finally learns the truth about Cortana's disappearance: Cortana was accidentally murdered by Chief after being locked in the oven in the episode "Heat." Enraged that all the events that have transpired was Chief's inadvertent doing, Arbiter angrily attacks him and rips him to pieces. At the same time, Tyler comes to Jon's apartment, seeking revenge against the Toys and blaming them for Eugene's suicide. Ultimately, after surviving both encounters, Arbiter and Master Chief solemnly decide to end their suffering by killing themselves.[105]

Season 8 - The Final SeasonEdit

On October 6, 2014, More than a year after the series's official retirement, Jon Graham revealed on his blog that due to feelings of sympathy and that Season 7 did not completely tie up all the loose ends of the series in general. An 8th Season of Arby 'n' the Chief was announced.[4] On January 22, 2015, Season eight was officially confirmed when Jon Graham uploaded a teaser trailer of the Season on his personal YouTube account as "Jon CJG" instead of Machinima's YouTube Channel.[106] On November 5, 2015. Episode 1, entitled "Fatal Exception" was uploaded onto his YouTube site, confirming that it would be the show's final Season.

While details about the season is currently unknown, what is confirmed about Season eight is that it will pick up right after where Season seven left off with the Toys' suicide, along with the Toys somehow returning to life.

# Title Episode Length Summary
90 Fatal Exception 1:17:25 Four years after the deaths of Arbiter and Master Chief, Claire gathers a group of acquaintances from their past to have a eulogy for their passing, which quickly turns sour shortly into the ceremony when her guests only degrade their memories even further. Meanwhile, Arbiter, Master Chief (now under his new name, PAL-9001: Perfect Algorithmic Computer,) and Cortana (now as in-game characters in Halo) have reawakened four years after their deaths, with no memories of their past (with the exception of PAL,) only for Arbiter and Cortana to learn that they and PAL are on a Ship in Space to carry out a Mission of Great Importance.
91 Nervewreck 36:00 PAL shows Arbiter and Cortana what their Mission is: To find the meaning of their existence. Shortly after doing so however, tension rises between Cortana and PAL and Cortana goes off on her own, leaving Arbiter with PAL's company. Meanwhile as PAL is showing him around, Arbiter is haunted by an unsettling presence aboard the ship...
92 Party Time 39:53 Cortana tries to make amends with PAL and be friends with him after their earlier confrontation, but the process of doing so is difficult for both of them. After meeting up with Arbiter, they agree to clear out the Weapons Bay, and resume the mission. During their respective times though, Arbiter and Cortana begin to receive subliminal imagery of their past, and Cortana is nearly killed by an "accident" that takes place in the Core of their Ship.
93 Bad Dream 36:01 When a Circuit Board outside their Ship is in need of being replaced immediately, Arbiter and PAL volunteer to have it fixed. During the process though, Arbiter's Space Suit is struck by a "Micro-Meteor," damaging it and forcing them to abort the mission. After losing a vast amount of Oxygen in Space, Arbiter finds himself in a new location, one where he is confronted by the unsettling presence from before... A manifestation of Eugene Black.
94 Reentry 25:07 Taking over Arbiter's spot in repairing the Circuit Board (continuing from the previous episode's events.) Cortana and PAL go off to finish the job. After do so though, PAL takes extreme measures to ensure the mission's success, after overhearing Cortana's intentions to unplug him...
95 Lockout 27:19 Trapped outside of the ship and running out of oxygen, Arbiter tries to reason with the paranoid and hostile PAL after it has killed Cortana, but his efforts fall on deaf ears. As he is left to die, Arbiter is confronted by the manifestation of Eugene Black again, who divulges a little bit of their past, and helps him get back inside the ship.


A new show of Arby 'n' The Chief that briefly coincided with season seven is a show known as "Bytes," In this show, These shorts were about two to three minutes long and revolve around Arbiter and Master Chief, but within a parallel universe. The style of Bytes resembles that of the show's earlier seasons.

Once Jon went on hiatus though, Bytes was cancelled after Jon and a client of Machinima made an agreement involving the main show, which prevented production from Bytes being made.

Season 1Edit

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Well Hung 2:12 Master Chief makes a noose out of Greg's webbing in hopes of having Jon hang himself.
2 Day One Cookies 3:09 Master Chief bakes cookies and sells them to Arbiter at ridiculously expensive prices.
3 Memeland 3:47 Master Chief continues trying to bleed cash out of Arbiter, this time by making and selling emoticon-based masks.
4 Doggy Style 5:06 Arbiter and Master Chief "discuss" their opinions about the highly controversial ending to Mass Effect 3.
5 Steaks, Taters and Hairy Ticks 5:09 When Master Chief finds Arbiter playing "The Lion King" for the Sega Genesis, he criticizes his choice of taste. When Arbiter sarcastically states he hates Halo, Chief decides to kill Arbiter for betraying Bungie.
6 Blockheads 5:31 Master Chief is introduced to Minecraft for the first time ever.
7 In the Pudding 5:06 Arbiter tries playing Symphony of the Night on Jon's PSP Go since Halo's server is down for maintenance. Meanwhile, Master Chief is trying to recover from the shock of seeing Minecraft.
8 Number One Fan 5:10 Upon learning about its screening at E3 2012, Master Chief awaits the release of Halo 4, unaware of its actual release date.
9 Divided We Stand 4:43 Master Chief refuses to play split-screen multiplayer on Halo: Reach with Arbiter. But upon him learning that the servers are down for maintenance, Chief tries to find any alternative way to pass the time.
10 Sold Out 6:24 Arbiter and Master Chief brainstorm ideas on how to improve "Bytes."
11 Premium Club 3:42 Master Chief promotes the Arby 'n' the Chief show by making an infomercial for people to donate money to him by promising "extra features."
12 Armor Deep 5:03 Arbiter helps Master Chief get in shape when the latter feels depressed about his weight.
13 Growing Pains 4:58 Arbiter wants to play Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, but Master Chief refuses to let him do so.

Season 2Edit

# Title Episode Length Summary
14 The Great Evil 3:56 Master Chief believes he is the son of the "gods of gaming" and plans to "cleanse" the industry of casual gamers, starting with the Arbiter.
15 Suspense! 4:47 A day in the life of the Arbiter and Master Chief is shown by parodying an action-packed series with the use of "previous events" and events to be coming soon.
16 A Pirate's Life 3:35 Arbiter and Master Chief discuss Online Piracy and its illegality while sailing in Jon's Bathtub on a makeshift pirate ship made from a cereal box.
17 Horsin' Around 5:06 Master Chief has been spending days in Jon's bathroom for reasons he refuses to say. When Arbiter finally gets inside it, he finds out something shocking... Chief is a brony
18 Rustled 4:47 Arbiter and Master Chief both find themselves down in the dumps one night, seemingly with no means of improving their mood.
19 The True Fan 5:25 Arbiter finds Master Chief trapped inside of the Microwave, when Chief's latest attempt to receive Halo 4 by means of generating sympathy backfires.
20 One Love 4:48 The series finale of the "Bytes" segments, Master Chief goes on a "date" with the game and case to Halo: Reach, proclaiming his love for the video game. His mind quickly changes when Arbiter appears with something that Jon has recently brought home... Halo 4.

Season 3Edit

# Title Episode Length Summary
21 Stars Force: The Darkness Awakened Review 6:28 Master Chief makes a review on the newly released Star Wars: The Force Awakens. During the review, he degrades the film for its involvement with Disney, insults the entire cast and returning characters (save for Kylo Ren, who he mistakens for Kyle Reese) and continuously mispronounces J.J. Abrams as "Jar Jar Abraham" while insulting him for being the film's director, preferring George Lucas over his work.
22 Jams Bonk (Part 1) 8:30 Master Chief and Arbiter shoot their own variation of a James Bond film, with Chief as the titular character. Shorting into shooting the film though, Arbiter and Chief butt heads over how to properly write and direct the film when Chief makes some last-second changes, and for mistaking James Bond entirely as being from The Bourne Ultimatum.
23 Jams Bonk (Part 2) 11:52

Master Chief and Arbiter continue to shoot their James Bond-esque film. However, tension rises between the two when Chief starts hounding Arbiter with orders about handling props, as well as having him participate as the film's villain: "The Man with the Golden Eyes."



Several Miscellaneous and/or special episodes were created during the show's course in between Season 5 and 6. Much like Bytes did during Season 7, these episodes were created to fill in the gaps of time in which it took to create an episode.

Title Episode Length Summary
Christmas 2010 Special 4:22 It is Christmas Eve, and the Arbiter and Greg are playing a game of Scrabble. Master Chief tries to join but Arbiter and Greg refuse to let him play to prevent him from ruining their game. Arbiter and Chief then briefly discuss sharng presents tomorrow and the possibility of a 5th Season.[107]
E3 2011 Skit 5:35 As the Arbiter and Master Chief observe the gaming booths at E3 2011, the two discuss the upcoming games and Chief attempts to join the convention with Jon's Wallet and a poorly-crafted badge in an effort to acquire the newly announced Halo 4.
Short #1 2:06 When work on Season 6 becomes too stressful for Jon, Arbiter addresses the viewers that the show's regularly scheduled programming will be held back for a week.
Short #2 2:20 Master Chief and the Arbiter are forced to help Jon get back on his production schedule by filming another short video.
Short #3 2:09 Master Chief wants to play another session of Halo: Reach but finds the Arbiter is about to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Short #4 2:14 Master Chief decides to try out Skyward Sword while Arbiter is playing.
Short #5 1:43 Arbiter and Master Chief tell Ghost Stories to one another.
Christmas Special 2011 3:23 Master Chief and the Arbiter pin up their Christmas stockings for Santa on Christmas Eve.
New Year's Special 2011 4:18 The Arbiter is rudely awakened in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve by the sounds of Halo gameplay and Master Chief's cussing.
Behind the Scenes: Part 1 10:02 Part 1 of a special video narrated by Arby 'n' the Chief's writer and director, Jon Graham, outlining the process of the production of an episode from conception to final product.
Behind the Scenes: Part 2 10:50 Part 2 of a special video narrated by Arby 'n' the Chief's writer and director, Jon Graham, outlining the process of the production of an episode from conception to final product.

Arby 'n' the Chief: The MovieEdit


On May 25, 2008, Arby 'n' the Chief: The Movie premiered at the machinima event CanWest ‘08 (which the movie was created for) and was published on YouTube the same day. The movie seems to take place in between the plot line of Episodes 10 and 11, and features all of the main characters of the series up to that point (thus, not only are the Master Chief and the Arbiter present, but so are Cortana, Todd, and Travis). The movie also marks the first time that any character has ventured out of Jon's apartment.


Jon Graham is famous for being a solo machinima producer, but for the Movie, his friend Daniel Lazslo, aka D Laz, assisted him in the production of the film, most notably with visual effects.


The Movie was the first Master Chief Sucks at Halo 3/Arby 'n' the Chief production to go outside of Jon Graham's apartment. Filming took place in three different cities: Vancouver (Jon Graham's old residence), Chilliwack (A city outside of Vancouver), and Los Angeles (where Jon Graham visited to work at the headquarters for several days).

Plot SummaryEdit

In the beginning of the movie, the Master Chief forces the Arbiter, Cortana, Todd, and Travis to play along with a horrible game of "pretend" with Chief (one of Todd's lines is nothing but a crude drawing of a penis). As the others leave, the Arbiter approaches the Chief and consoles him by telling him it was very "imaginative." While watching machinima videos online, the Chief begins to insult Jon Graham (also known as DigitalPh33r at the time), saying that his videos are shitty and repetitive. The Arbiter tells him to make a machinima of his own, but on one condition: If the machinima is bad, the Chief has to be nice for a day. The Chief retorts by saying that if the machinima is good, then the Arbiter, Todd, Travis, and Cortana have to "shut up" for a day. Several weeks later, with the help of the Chief's online friends, his machinima is complete. It is very badly done, is over three hours long, and contains bad voice acting, over-the-top character actions, and a terrible plot. Everyone hates it, though the Arbiter and Todd attempt to sugar-coat their criticism. Angry, the Chief says that he has uploaded it to the internet and that the result of the bet should depend on the online reaction (which is Chief standing at the computer for a day and continually hitting F5 in order to refresh the page over and over, resulting in more views).

The Chief's video attracts the attention of the eccentric machinima director Skyler Loveheart, the head of "Douchebag Studios." Loveheart mistakenly thinks that the movie was made as a parody of bad machinima, and believes that the video is a work of genius. He contacts the Chief and tells him that Douchebag Studios could use the Chief's talents, and that they want him to come down to Los Angeles to create a serious machinima under their new contract. The Chief happily accepts and tells the Arbiter and Todd that he "doesn't have to live with [those] douchebags anymore." To everyone's delight except the Arbiter’s, the Chief leaves and heads to LA.

In Los Angeles, the Chief is greeted by Loveheart. The Chief asks to use Loveheart's phone, which he uses to call the Arbiter. He begins to brag to and insult the Arbiter, who angrily throws the phone out the window. The Chief then makes an online video (which parodies Uwe Boll’s infamous YouTube video containing much of the same content), in which he boasts about his machinima talents and challenges anyone who disagrees to a boxing match; according to him, beating his critics in a boxing match will somehow prove that he is right and they are wrong. The video annoys the Arbiter, who "can't think of anyone with an ego that massive." Travis tells the Arbiter to let it go, and that they should be celebrating. The Arbiter half-heartedly agrees.

Nearly two months later, the Chief's attempt at a "serious" machinima is complete, titled "TEH EPIK BATEL." Loveheart, seeing the video and how bad it is, realizes that the Chief isn't cleverly satirizing bad machinima, but is simply bad himself. Loveheart furiously tells the Chief that he had invested a lot of money in him, and, pulling a pistol from his pocket, attempts to shoot him. Luckily, Loveheart's hyperactivity causes him to aim erratically, and so every shot misses, even hitting himself in the knee with one of the shots. The Chief steals Loveheart's car and escapes, heading back home. Loveheart shoots himself in the head, causing a ludicrous amount of blood to spurt out.

Back at Jon's apartment, Travis and the Arbiter are playing Halo 3. Losing, the Arbiter forfeits, saying that he's not in the mood. The Chief arrives, and is greeted coldly by the Arbiter, whom the Chief mostly ignores. He goes on to enthusiastically greet Todd, Travis, and Cortana, who don't reply. The Arbiter tells him that he has quite a lot of nerve coming back after the way he behaved, and that he should go. The Chief, upset, cuts power to the apartment and leaves. He walks into the road and attempts to commit suicide by throwing himself in front of a car. The Arbiter, who followed, begs the Chief to get up, saying that he needs him in his life and that he even loves him. After a few more moments in which the Chief does not respond, he turns away. Suddenly, the Chief gets up, saying, "TAHTS SRSLY TEH GAYIST SHIT IV EVAR HERD." He recalls when he tried to commit suicide in Master Chief Sucks At Halo 2, and comes to the conclusion that he can't die. He asks for a hug, which the Arbiter gives, not realizing the Chief has stuck another insulting sign on his back (“IM GAY”), just as he did in Episode 6.

Later, Todd, Travis, and Cortana are having a discussion on the Master Chief's destiny (namely, whether he'd go to Heaven or Hell; the unanimous conclusion is that he is going to Hell). Just then, a large Master Chief helmet appears around the corner of the hallway, saying that it is the “real” Master Chief and declaring that “I AM HEER TO EAT UR FACE. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.” This badly frightens everyone, especially Todd, who screams feminately at the top of his lungs and runs away when he sees it. However it turns out to be a prank by the Chief, who recites his classic line, “llolollolllolloolollololloololol,” as the movie ends.[108]


  • The Arbiter and Master Chief figures are from Halo 2, but Cortana, Todd, and Travis are all Halo 3 Action Figures.
  • Though distributed by, the series is technically not a machinima, with the majority of each episode filmed live-action and video games simply being a plot device.
  • In the second episode of the series, the Arbiter wrote Bungie a letter asking to give the Chief Recon armor. Bungie granted this request by the beginning of Episode 3, prompting many viewers to write their own emails to Bungie asking for the armor. However, Jon has said that he did not actually send the email that he wrote for Episode 2 and that Bungie gave him the Recon strictly because they admired his videos.
  • In Episode 19, "Panic" of Season 3, Chief is heard saying a reference to both Halo 3 and 300. Right after he attacks the corrupt red Spartan for almost shooting Arbiter, he begins to say nonsense until the end where he says, "FOR SPARTA."
  • Even though Master Chief's shooting accuracy is horrible, he tends to give headshots when he's not planning to give one.
  • Throughout seasons 1-4, the time on Jon's clock is always 3:43, a reference to 343 Guilty Spark.
  • Though Cortana was kidnapped by an alien, she only disappeared from the series a few episodes after Todd and Travis were kidnapped. This indicates that they were kidnapped separately; however, given that the alien had no desire for Cortana, her disappearance is strange. It is possible that Todd asked the alien for some company besides Travis and figured that it would not bring any harm to her (or made the alien promise not to do so), not realizing that the alien would later fire Cortana into a nearby sun. Surprisingly, at the very end of Season 5 finale, when cortana is supposed to be dead, her voice (Microsoft Mary) is heard, with the same colour in subtitles, saying "Arbiter..." and waking him, with no response, cause the episode ends. Though, as revealed in the first episode of Season 6, it reveals that in fact the voice came from the Chief, who was using Microsoft Mary's voice from a computer. However, at the end of Season 6, It was revealed that Cortana was only lost in the move.
  • In the episode "Wedding," when Master Chief says "Ima chargin ma lazor! SHOOP DA WOOP!" he is referencing an internet meme started by Dom Fera on YouTube with his animated shorts titled "The Laser Collection." This is quoted a number of times throughout the series.
  • The controllers that the characters use in the series are never actually turned on. Jon has stated that this is because the Xbox 360 controllers have a ten-minute automatic shutoff timer and he never feels like turning them back on.
  • At the end of Season 3, Episode 1 “Cold,” when the Arbiter says, “Something very strange is going on…” the pillowcase moves by itself. Many fans who noticed this theorized that some sort of ghost or other apparition was somehow responsible for the disappearances of Todd and Travis and Cold Storage’s deletion. In the commentary for “King,” Jon revealed that the pillowcase moved simply because a gust of wind from his fan hit it; he never even noticed that the pillowcase fluttered until people began pointing it out.
  • In Episode 9 "Newcomers" when the Arbiter says he has the flag and is coming through the middle, he actually doesn't have the flag.
  • Episode 8 of "Arby and the Chief in LA" is named "Two Betrayals." This is a reference to the Halo: Combat Evolved level Two Betrayals, which is also quoted from in Episode 11.
  • Adding to the mysterious disappearance of Todd and Travis. In a Director's Commentary on the Season 5 episode "Cheaters," Jon admitted at he did not like how Todd and Travis (and possibly Cortana) were too One-Dimensional and uninteresting as characters (Todd being too nice, Travis being too loud.)
  • On October 8, 2012, Jon Graham put the series on hiatus due to an overwhelming workload of having to produce the episodes while also trying to balance out schoolwork in film school. This hiatus ended on March 30, 2013.
  • There is another series that was inspired by Arby 'n' the Chief called Halo vs Mario.
  • In The thumbnail for Arby 'n' The Chief. The Master Chief figure is actually a Halo 3-era Master Chief. The same figure that was used for Todd.
  • Although the Chief survived jumping in-front of a moving car in the movie, he comes to the conclusion that he cannot die. However in the final episode Arbiter attempts to jump out a window in Jon's apartment suggesting that a more serious force can kill them or its just likely it was added for dramatic effect.


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