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Apogee Station is an outpost on the glassed outer colony world of Meridian.[1]

History Edit

When Liang Dortmund took over Meridian, they moved a Star Charter-class colony support ship known as Meridian 5-Alpha to help with their work.[2] Liang Dortmund began rebuilding Hestia V's moon and build Apogee Station and Meridian Station.

In 2558, Blue Team travelled to Apogee Station and landed there with the ONI Acrisius they took with them when they destroyed the UNSC Argent Moon research station.

Blue Team was in search of Cortana and discovered the vast Forerunner structures underneath the station. Fireteam Osiris was close behind Blue Team and soon discovered the ONI Prowler left behind and the forerunner ruins Blue Team discovered.[3]


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