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The antigravity belt is a personal transportation device worn by some lesser Covenant Prophets. Worn around the waist of the user, they levitate the user above the ground in a manner similar to the gravity throne. Some San'Shyuum use these devices to avoid walking, as they are a physically feeble race.[1]

The use of antigravity belts is relatively rare; nearly all mature San'Shyuum use anti-gravity chairs as their primary form of transport,[2] and only the Prophet of Stewardship has been known to use an antigravity belt. It was noted that the Prophet preferred a belt over a chair either out of habit, or because it allowed him to loom over otherwise taller races such as the Sangheili, granting him a form of artificial physical power symbolic of the political and religious power wielded by the Prophets within the Covenant.[3]



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