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Anniversary Team Slayer is a Slayer variant, in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo: Reach.

Description and Differences from Halo: ReachEdit

Anniversary Team Slayer is a gametype in the Anniversary Classic playlist. Essentially, the gametype is the Halo: Reach version of the original Halo: Combat Evolved Team Slayer. It utilizes the Halo: Reach engine, with a few tweaks. Unlike the campaign of Halo: CEA, it isn't Halo: CE with updated graphics.

To keep alive the classical feel of Anniversary Team Slayer, and the Anniversary Classic playlist, the developers of Halo: CEA made a few noteworthy changes to the gameplay:

  • The Magnum does more damage than usual, and requires about 2-3 shots to break the shields, and the same number to kill without a headshot.
  • The Assault Rifle does less damage against shields, and requires more shots to break the shields of an opponent, than it's identical Halo: Reach counterpart. Fortunately, the Assault Rifle does more health damage.
  • Meleeing does less damage. One melee almost takes away all of your shields. It takes 3 melees to kill an opponent, fully shielded.


Being part of the Anniversary Classic playlist, Anniversary Team Slayer can only be played on the Anniversary map pack, which is DLC, in Halo: Reach. Otherwise, if you have Halo: CEA, the maps are programmed into the game:

Battle Canyon


High Noon





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