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      Alluvion was once a human colony.


Alluvion was founded in 2412. Very little terraforming had to take place. It became a prominent borderworld between the Inner colonies and the Outer Colonies.[1]

Human-Covenant war Edit

Main article: Battle of Alluvion

In 2542,[3] the Fleet of Particular Justice, led by Thel 'Vadamee, found Alluvion and attacked it.[2] The UNSC Army garrison on the colony was destroyed, and the Covenant proceeded to glass it.[2][3]

Post-war Edit

In 2554, a recolonisation team arrived. They discovered a series of Forerunner shield pylons pushing back a section of the Sundark Sea. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that this site contained a new fuel material more powerful than deuterium.[1]

A research site was constructed at this spot in 2556, and in 2557, the pylons retracted. This event effectively ended research into this new material.[1]

Physical AspectsEdit


Alluvion held vast oceans and had a tropical climate. The planet's moon, Fallow has a strong tidal pull on the oceans.[1]


Since Fallow has such a strong tidal pull on the planet's oceans, most human settlements are in the continental interiors.[1]



  • Gabriel Thorne's parents - both of whom were UNSC Army officers - were killed during the Battle of Alluvion in 2542.[3]
  • Alluvion is a legal term describing how a piece of land increases, and thus its value, in size based on alluvium




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