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All Hail was a trailer released as part of the Hunt the Truth marketing campaign for Halo 5: Guardians.[1] It was released alongside the Master Chief advertisement The Cost.


Spartan Jameson Locke walks through the ruins of a destroyed city carrying a DMR. He steps over rubble as he makes his way to a large statue of John-117. The UNSC Infinity is seen heavily damaged in the sky.

  • Locke: All hail the conquering hero. Let us remember him as our protector and not the one who gave us... this.

Locke gestures to the ruins all around.

  • Locke: As our savior and not our betrayer. Let us see him forever as you and not as you.

Locke sees Spartan John-117 lying motionless at the base of the statue. John's left shoulder pads are missing and his breastplate has a hole. Locke drops his DMR and unholsters his Magnum from his thigh.

  • Locke: All hail the conquering hero. The one who was supposed to save us all!

Locke points his Magnum at John.

  • Locke: But now, I must save us from you.


H5G LockeChiefAd-Comparison HUD
  • Locke was carrying a DMR, yet his HUD shows a Battle Rifle icon.
  • Locke's HUD shows that he used up more ammunition and had less shielding compared to the Chief's HUD.



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