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Alexis Indara was a UNSC Navy Ensign aboard the CMA Season of Plenty in 2489. Her UNSC service number was 00801-46332-XT.[1]


On September 22, 2489 as Season of Plenty was preparing to jump to slipspace the ship's new AI Lorelei shut herself down for routine maintenance. Rather than rebooting the backup intelligence, Lieutenant Commander Nevel ordered Ensign Otto Seinmann to do the slipspace calculations by hand. Seinmann had Crewman Apprentice Preston Cole do most of the work for him instead.

Indara accused Seinmann of being cruel to Cole. She asked him why he was picking on Cole, who got his work done and didn't bother anyone. Seinmann replied, "He bothers me."

That November she performed well on the ship's bi-annual evaluations. Her performance was considered "above average" and as a result she was assigned to management training (Series 7).[2]


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