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Alex Lieu is a Vice President of creative development for 4orty2wo Entertainment, the company that produced ilovebees, the minigame precursor to Halo 2.


Alex is a versatile designer, manager, and entrepreneur, with a strong track-record of leading development of innovative large-scale interactive and cross-platform projects. At 42, Alex serves as a creative director, directing visual design of all graphics, human interfaces, websites, and advertising for 42’s client and content efforts.

Alex was previously Founder and President of 3Pin Media, a rich graphics and interactive company that developed cross-media experiences for a wide variety of clients in the entertainment, education, and sports markets.

Prior to founding 3Pin, Alex was Vice President of Creative Development at Lightspan, a technology company that produces innovative learning resources. While at Lightspan, Alex led strategic and creative direction for all website, application, and content-related development efforts.

Previously, as Creative Director for Mutation Labs, an interactive agency focused on providing high-end content and design solutions for the entertainment sector, Alex designed websites clients that included Nickelodeon, Disney Online, and the CBS Radio group.

Prior to Mutation Labs, Alex held a variety of senior creative and managerial leadership roles at Disney Online, where he was instrumental in developing the look and feel of both Disney.Com and Disney’s Daily Blast.