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Halo Reach - Fairview Base

Airview Base, occupied by the Covenant during the Fall of Reach.

Airview Base was a small UNSC outpost near Sword Base on the Babd Catha Ice Shelf on Reach, named so because it overlooks the base's airfield. It included one anti-aircraft turret before the Battle of Reach began. On July 26, 2552, Kat-B320 and Noble Six were ordered to reactivate the AA turret to clear the skies for UNSC dropships.[1] The base was later overrun by Covenant forces, who would later place two Tyrants at its location. On August 29, Noble Six and a squad of ODSTs passed through what remained of the base in a Scorpion, destroying the two Tyrants on the way to Sword Base, clearing the sky for Noble Team's Falcons.[2]


  • Airview Base's location was a seen as a very good defensive location by both the UNSC and the Covenant as both factions placed AA turrets on it.
  • Airview Base (after the Covenant gain control of the area) is used as the setting for the Firefight map Outpost with the addition of two Covenant AA guns.

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