Adam was a civilian who lived in Pirth City on the planet Arcadia. During the Covenant invasion of Arcadia in 2531, he was hiding in a building and his mother was looking for him, but couldn't get him.

However, during the battle, Adam was reunited with his family when he was escorted by UNSC forces to one of the evacuation vessels leaving the planet.


  • He is a character in Halo Wars.[1] Adam can be found in the fourth level of the game. To rescue Adam and get the The Real Winner achievement, the player must release the subway doors by simply clicking on the building control panel and selecting the release option (at least one player unit must be by the doors). The player then must escort Adam to Evacuation Ship Two.
  • He will die at once if he gets hit or shot by any enemy. This means the player must escort him carefully if the achievement is to be unlocked.[2]
  • A good strategy to save Adam is to finish of all nearby enemies and patrol in a large circle around him. This way, if any Covenant attack, they will be stopped by your army. A good army for this is a Scorpion and a Wolverine, to deal with all kind of assaults.



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