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Ahlogo sept2012
Achievement Hunter is a company from Rooster Teeth who shows how to obtain multiple achievements in many different games, including the Halo games for the Xbox 360. Also, they run several popular web-series like Fails of the Weak and Achievement Horse. It is hosted by Red vs Blue star Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo. They upload all the Achievement Horse maps to their file share which is AchHntrDotCom.

Achievement Hunter Weekly Updates (AHWU)Edit

Achievement Hunter Weekly Updates or better known as AHWU, is an weekly update from the Achievement Hunter crew to give this week's game release, game updates, new DLC, and major news in the gaming community. It is shown every Monday.

Fails of the WeakEdit

Fails of the Weak is an internet series of bloopers and mess-ups made by real Xbox live subscribers in matchmaking, Custom Games, campaign and forge. Hundreds watch these videos per hour. To submit a fail you must record it in theater mode and then upload it to your Xbox Live file share. Then go online to and link it to your e-mail. You then e-mail to Jack and Geoff's e-mail account email. The e-mail is

Achievement HorseEdit

Horse sept2012

The message at the end of a HORSE episode, explaining how to submit maps.

Achievement Horse is another web-series following Jack and Geoff playing rounds of player submitted Forge maps until one player has all five letters H-O-R-S-E, and they lose. When a player wins in a round, the other player gains a letter. To submit a map you must upload a video of you completing your map to your file share, send the name and objectives of your map, along with a success video to Jack and Geoff via e-mail to


AchHntrDotCom (Achievement Hunter Dot Com) is Achievement Hunter's gamertag on It is little more than a fileshare containing community-made maps used in Achievement Hunter's weekly video "Achievement HORSE".

Rage QuitEdit

Michael "Rage Quit" Jones is forced to play through difficult, poorly created, or frustrating games and his verbal (and sometimes physical) reactions are recorded and posted on Achievement Hunter's website. Episodes are posted every other Thursday.


  • Along with the shows above, Achievement Hunters does:VS, This is..., Trials Pig, Trials Files, Lets Play, Lets build, Things to do in, and Five Facts.
  • Achievement Horse is uploaded to the internet on Wednesday.
  • A match of Achievement "Pig" (a shorter version of Horse) at RTX 2012 was the first time Forge in Halo 4 was shown.
  • Fails of the Weak was originally uploaded on Mondays, but then switched to Fridays


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