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Aaron Lieberman is an employee at Bungie, and a Software Design Engineer for the Halo series. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.[1]


Aaron came to Seattle from the Washington, DC area looking for people to enjoy, coffee to drink and a desk to write some code. He's found all three in Seattle. He lives in North Seattle with his wife, Mary, and two young daughters.[1]

Bungie hired Aaron Lieberman from Xbox Live on account of his skills as "an exorcist of BSODs." He came up with the Lieberman Stat Viewer on as well as the game map viewer. Working of the RSS feeds the app is used by Bungie for tracking the unfortunate incidents of modem-suspend cheating.[citation needed]

  • Nickname: Lieb
  • Classification: OldSkool
  • Current Job: Tools Programmer
  • Origin: Rockville, Maryland
  • Blood Type: Red
  • Age: 30
  • Weight: 180 pounds
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Girth: Typical
  • First Job: Packaging and shipping
  • Hobbies: Skiing/boarding, programming, rock climbing, reading, coffee
  • Ultimate Snack: Reese's Pieces give me a stomachache, but I love them anyway.
  • Quote: Just one more turn!
  • Spoken languages: C/C++/C#


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