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A Fistful of Arrows is a fan-made comic series written by Levi "Leviathan" Hoffmeier. Centered around Jun-A266 of Noble Team, it portrays a series of events from a hostage situation to what happened to Jun after The Package. The name is a reference to a tattoo Jun has next to his left ear, depicting a hand grasping three arrows.


  • A Fistful of Arrows reveals that the skull Emile had carved into his EVA helmet was only to cover up scars on the visor caused from a warthog turret (manned by an insurrectionist) shooting at him from point blank range. Since the comic series is non-canon, this has yet to be proven true/false.
  • The comic series portrays Jun's COLLAR/Patrol chest piece to have a hood on it, and a foldable cape for camouflage purposes. Again, since the comic is non-canon, this has yet to be proven true/false.
  • The insurrectionist group depicted in the comic is the same from Halo Wars.



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