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AAA Helix Gun
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United Nations Space Command

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Computer/AI operated




United Nations Space Command

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The AAA Helix Gun is a UNSC starship-mounted point defense weapon.[1] The autocannon can be found affixed to human capital ships during the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant war as late as the Battle of Psi Serpentis in 2543.[1]


The AAA Helix system worked as a point-defense weapon. If provided sufficient range they were capable of intercepting incoming missiles and, presumably, boarding and fighter craft. Their description as being "spun up and hot," suggests that they were some kind of gatling gun.[1] They were likely computer or A.I.-operated, as with virtually all other ship-mounted autocannons. They also probably were some sort of flak gun, due to AAA being a military acronym for Anti-Aircraft Artillery, which is a term used to describe guns that fire air-bursting flak shells.

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