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70mm Chain Gun

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70 millimeter chain gun
Production information




Chain gun

Technical specifications


Large (vehicle mounted only)

Damage Per Hit

Very High

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

70mm (2.76 inch) round




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The 70mm Chain Gun is an anti-personnel/anti-vehicle weapons mounted on the chin on the Pelican dropship or at the rear section where troops offload. The gun is linked to the movements of the pilot's head, which allows for very short delays between spotting enemies and firing, the turret will rotate up to 180 degrees to wherever the pilot is looking. However, the turret can also be operated by a copilot, or manually by a gunner.

This weapon fires very large 70mm shells. The rate of fire is most likely lower than most UNSC automatic weapons, but damage per hit is very high. A variety of ammunition is most likely compatible with this weapon. High-explosive rounds are probably used as standard. It should be noted that the nose-mounted machine gun featured on Halo 2's Pelican dropship is not this weapon. That turret is simply a variant of the M247 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).

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