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7-89 was a GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor of the UNSC Navy.

Operational HistoryEdit

Halo3 123877556 Full

7-89's crash site.

Longsword 7-89 was one of many interceptors assigned to the supporting UNSC forces of the Fleet of Retribution. In the December of 2552, it travelled through the Artifact to Installation 00.[4]

During the battle, 7-89 was shot down by a Covenant Type-27 Anti-Aircraft Cannon and subsequently crashed in the desert near the wall surrounding and protecting the Silent Cartographer.[4]

Interestingly, though it was shot down, and the cockpit was seemingly unrecognizable, radio chatter could still be heard coming out of the crashed Longsword.[4]


  • It is likely that Bungie used only one model for all Longswords in Halo 3, just like UNSC Forward Unto Dawn in Halo 3. This would explain the two identically named Longsword fighters.
  • In Theater, the remains of 7-89 can be seen before the craft appears by pausing during the entrance of 7-89 and positioning the camera toward the hill.


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