“Let no one here question our place in human history. That we are here right now is not a coincidence or accident. It is our fate. And this war, our birthright, our legacy. Our generation was born to fight the Covenant, and you, my fellow soldiers, were born for this very day. Today the enemy will hear the roar of humanity, and they will fear us.”
— Colonel Akono Menteith to 12,000 men and women
May 10, 2545

The 53rd Armored Division was a unit within the UNSC Army, and part of the force stationed on the colony world Actium. When the Covenant invaded the planet, the division played a major role in the defence. While in the month of fighting the 53rd suffered total annihilation, the words Colonel Akono Menteith used to increase moral of his men was remembered by humanity long after everyone who heard it first-hand was dead.[1]


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