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One player is the Juggernaut while the other 3 are teammates. Only the juggernaut can score. Earn 10 points as the Juggernaut to win the game

This is a standard game of Juggernaut with four players. The first player to score a kill becomes the Juggernaut. The three unlucky players try to score a kill on the Juggernaut. Once one player gets a kill, he/she is the Juggernaut. The ex-Juggernaut and the other two players try to kill the new Juggernaut. The player that gets 10 kills while being the Juggernaut wins the game.

In some variants, the Juggernaut will get an Overshield or Active camouflage.

The game emphasizes on teamwork with numerous people, as you need to take down the Juggernaut before teaming up on the new Juggernaut. Also, only the Juggernaut can score points.

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