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3 Echo 57 was a UNSC Army fireteam stationed on Reach in 2552 at the ONI facility Sword Base.[1]


3 Echo 57 was ordered to defend Sword Base during the Fall of Reach. When defensive forces were deemed insufficient to hold off the Covenant, Noble Team was sent in to reinforce them. When Catherine-B320 and SPARTAN-B312 arrived, they were under heavy assault from two Wraiths and attempted to retreat to the base using a M831 Transport Warthog but were killed by one of the tanks before they could make it.


  • It is possible to prevent the Warthog from being detroyed by using an overcharged plasma pistol, it is possible to quickly sprint up to the vehicle, using the overcharge's EMP effect to your advantage, get in and drive to safety. You can reach as far as the part with the two Mgalekgolo if you manage to get the vehicle to survive till that point. Attempting this on lower difficulties tends to be easier.



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