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3 Charlie was a UNSC Army reconnaissance team under Special Warfare Group Three stationed on Reach in 2552.[note 1]

Operational historyEdit

On July 23, 2552, 3 Charlie was on patrol in the Longhorn Valley.[1] After contact with the comm relay hub in Visegrád was lost before the Covenant invasion, 3 Charlie was sent in to investigate the suspected Insurrectionist activity by Colonel Urban Holland, along with other special warfare Army fireteams.[2][3] The remaining members of 3 Charlie were found near the Visegrád Relay, under attack by Covenant forces. They sent out a distress beacon, which was responded to by Noble Team, after several waves of Covenant reinforcements, the Falcon Charlie 2 arrived to evacuate them.[4]

Known MembersEdit



  1. In the "Patrol" live action trailer, the troopers are wearing ODST battle armor, but the level Noble Actual in Halo: Reach reveals that the human forces sent in to investigate the relay were indeed Army troopers. They are part of SPECWARCOM given the fact that they are under orders of Col. Holland and that they have knowledge of Noble Team's activities which would be classified.



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