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2 Lima was a UNSC Army unit during the Fall of Reach.[1]


During the Battle of Viery on August 12, 2552, 2 Lima was under heavy attack from 3 Scarabs, along with multiple Ghosts, Wraiths and Banshees, soon coming under attack from a Tyrant, firing high-velocity plasma shells, as well. 2 Lima 4 contacted Carter-A259, informing him that the Tyrant was bombarding them. Once Noble Six destroyed the cannon, 2 Lima 4 contacted Air Control, and requested a bombing run on a heading of, 224.6, right on top of the 3 Scarabs. Once Carter-A259 informed Air Control that the skies were clear, Control approved the bombing run, sending three Longswords on the heading, the Longswords destroyed two of the three Scarabs and disabled the third. 2 Lima would also receive support from two Frigates, that soon destroyed the disabled Scarab.

Known MembersEdit



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