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February 21Edit


June 19Edit

  • UNSC Rubicon arrives at the remains of Installation 00 and deploys several remote contact teams (RCTs) to the surface of the Ark to investigate a strange signal.[2]

June 27Edit

  • After eight days, all contact with the RCTs are severed. Only RCT-06 returns to the ship, having suffered casualties. They did recover the source of the signal though, the remains of 343 Guilty Spark.[2]
  • After being brought aboard the Rubicon, the UNSC interrogated Spark hoping to learn more about ancient human-Forerunner relations and the Ur-Didact.[3] Spark, recognizing that these humans as "the true Reclaimers,"[4] proceeded to tell them about the events that led to his ancient human self, becoming a monitor.

June 30Edit

  • When Spark finished his story, his shell was powered down and jettisoned from the ship, as all of his data was uploaded to the ship's computer, by order of the ONI team leader. Unsuspected though, Spark overrides and disables the ship's AI and sets the course to where he thinks the Librarian is after a long study. He has need of the ship and crew and puts all of them into cryogenic sleep.[5]


July 2–21Edit

July 2Edit

  • Approximately 48 hours of radio silence from the Rubicon results in ONI sending a search and rescue team but the ship vanished.[6]

July 21Edit

July 24Edit

July 25Edit

  • The Ur-Didact, after falling into a slip space portal on the Mantle's Approach, appears on Installation 03.[8]
  • After his return to Earth, John-117 is debriefed in front of the UNSC Security Council about his encounters with the Ur-Didact and the loss of Cortana. The Council decides to cover up the attack by saying it was carried out by the Covenant Remnant and it was stopped by Master Chief.[9]
  • Blue Team is informed of Black Team's disappearance on the surface of Installation 03 and is sent immediately to the installation.[9]

July 26Edit

  • When Blue Team arrives to Installation 03, they discover the bodies of the deceased Black Team and accompanying science team. After fighting off some Prometheans, the team finds the point where the Composer originally sat on the ring and enter it's crater. They find the structure known as the Composer's Abyss and follow the structure to a slip space portal that leads to a place called the Composer's Forge.[9]
  • Blue Team entered the portal to discover within the Forge, six extra Composers. The Ur-Didact as well as his Prometheans, confront the Spartans.[8]
  • The Didact, asks 859 Static Carillon if he could move Installation 03 above the planet, to which he did, and the Didact takes a Composer to the Installation and plans on using the ring and Composer to wipe out humanity. However, though, Carillon feels betrayed by the Didact as he brought his Prometheans to the Forge and assist Blue Team and helps bring them back to the ring and closing the portal to the Composer's Forge.[8]
  • When Blue returned to the ring, they were then confronted by the Didact again and almost killed until Carillon distracted him and then teleported him to the control room. John-117 was then also teleported with the Activation Index of the ring's control room. John gave the Activation Index to the monitor and let him take control of the ring. Carillon ejected the panel that had the control room into the atmosphere of the planet that had the Forge. He then teleported John away.[10]
  • Carillon moves Installation 03 to an unknown location, for repairs and safe keeping.[10]


December 5Edit


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