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“We deserve to be forgotten.”
— Abject Testament to 343 Guilty Spark on whether they would be remembered.

03-049 Abject Testament is the monitor of Installation 03. His "eye" has an orange hue and he speaks with a male voice that is lower-pitched than those of 343 Guilty Spark and 2401 Penitent Tangent.


Forerunner-Flood warEdit

Prior to their firing of the Halo Array by the Forerunners, Abject Testament and his fellow monitors met aboard a Lifeworker ship to be installed on their respective Halos. At the meeting, Abject Testament expresses to Guilty Spark the opinion that they and the Forerunners deserve to be forgotten.[1]


Despite protocol, Abject Testament failed to respond to any of Guilty Spark's hails after the Halo firing.[2] 049 was also failing to continue directing and maintain critical systems on Installation 03. Tens of thousands of reports from Installation sub-monitors talking about the poor state of quarantine controls and about the failure to respond to research requests and maintenance, can be traced back roughly 20,000 years ago.[3]


  • 049 is a reference to Bungie's love for 7 (7X7=49) and follows the same format as the other monitors.
  • As of 2557 the UNSC has control of Installation 03, but it is unknown if the Monitor is helping them, or if they have failed to find it so far.



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