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In the Xbox version of Halo: Combat Evolved, if you create a new profile, rename an existing one, or create a map name and name it ".fortune" (Dot located with shift on), a random saying will appear on the screen.

The ".fortune" on the text box will then also instantly disappear, thus rendering ".fortune" an impossible account name. However, if you place a symbol at the beginning (Such as a left parenthesis) to make ".(fortune", and subsequently use the arrows to move to and delete the parenthesis when finished, ".fortune" will remain, allowing you to use it as a profile name.

List of Fortune QuotesEdit

  • All your hard work will eventually pay off
  • Everything lies in silence
  • If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway (The first of Murphy's Laws)
  • Nature always sides with the hidden flaw. (A subdivision of Murphy's Law)
  • Never wear your best pants when fighting for freedom.
  • Rest is good, but idleness is its brother.
  • Don't wear your best pants in war. (Rare)
  • Smile when you're ready.
  • You cannot fall off the floor. (Another Murphy's Law)
  • Your luck is about to change.
  • Sorry, this fortune is temporarily out of order. (Rare)
  • I like beans. (Rare)
  • SoB dawg! (Extremely Rare)


  • This joke was also present on's Myth metaserver.
  • The Easter egg is similar to the fortune command found on most Unix and Unix-compatible operating systems. Like the fortune command in Unix, the Halo: Combat Evolved egg draws a random quote from a database, albeit much smaller in size than the lists accompanying most fortune implementations.
  • The Mystery Achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection is awarded when the player saves a custom game type in Halo: Combat Evolved and names it ".fortune".

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