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'Ontomee was a high-ranking Sangheili stationed on Installation 04 in 2552. After the UNSC Pillar of Autumn was shot down, and First Lieutenant Melissa McKay conducted a salvage operation of supplies in the ship, 'Ontomee was put in charge of the crash site to make sure the Humans could not access it anymore.

During the final days of Installation 04, 'Ontomee and his overworked, undermanned staff received fortunate relief in the form of Zuka 'Zamamee (under the alias of Huki 'Umamee) and Yayap. Without asking questions, 'Ontomee put them in charge of twenty Kig-Yar, and assigned them to inspect and unload supplies.[1]

Under attack from both Flood and Forerunner constructs, 'Ontomee and his staff were further troubled when John-117 arrived on board the ship with the intention of destroying Installation 04. 'Ontomee called a meeting of his staff where he, 'Kasamee and Zuka 'Zamamee discussed the Spartan.[2] Zuka 'Zamamee agreed to hunt him down, much to 'Ontomee's relief.[3]

It is unknown how he died. In all likelihood, he was killed when the Pillar of Autumn's fusion generators exploded.


'Ontomee's rank is never mentioned, nor is his official title. However, due to the fact that 'Kasamee, an Elite Major, as well as Zuka 'Zamamee, a SpecOps Elite, are subordinate to him, this indicates that he is very likely a Zealot.



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