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'Kasamee was a Covenant Sangheili who was part of the forces occupying the crash site of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn during the Battle of Installation 04. As he was considered a veteran, it is probable that he held the rank of Major.[1]


While present on Installation 04 in September 2552, 'Kasamee was assigned to the Covenant force stationed at the crash site of the abandoned Pillar of Autumn under the command of 'Ontomee.[1] When Zuka 'Zamamee arrived at the ship under the alias of "Huki 'Umamee," 'Kasamee looked upon him with respect for his vigorous enthusiasm for personally hunting down Spartan John-117. However, the two never spoke and 'Zamamee quickly left the room to hunt the Spartan.[1]

'Kasamee might have been killed by the Flood or the Sentinels, although he certainly would have been killed when the Pillar of Autumn and, by extension, Installation 04, were destroyed.



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