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Ütközet was most likely a province in the Viery Territory of Reach. The Eposz continent was located within the province.[1]


In 2550, a meteorite crater was discovered by ONI near Visegrád. The site was noted as being scientifically and having astrophysical importance. However, the residents of the town were not relocated, despite this.[2]

Human-Covenant warEdit

Main articles: Fall of Reach, Battle of Viery, and Battle of Aszod

The Szurdok Ridge within Ütközet was the site of a large battle between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Empire during the Fall of Reach.[3]

On August 30, SPARTAN-III's Emile-A239 and SPARTAN-B312 escorted a package containing the AI Cortana to the recently docked UNSC Pillar of Autumn[4]

Post-War EraEdit

In 2589, an unknown colony ship returned to an overgrown Aszod; near where Noble Six gave their life.[5] In 2610, at least New Alexandria had been resettled.[6]






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